Poll: How Often Do You Buy A Six-Pack of Craft Beer?

March 3rd, 2010 · 25 Comments · Polls

Many breweries rely on six-pack sales to generate a large percentage of their revenue. But, it seems like I know less and less people these days, myself included, that buy six-packs of anything on a regular basis. Most of my money goes to single bottles, whether they are 12oz, 22oz, or 750ml in size. Maybe this is just a trend for those of us that drink a large variety of beer and are not necessary loyal to one brand that we continually buy. But, I thought it would be interesting to find out just how much the rest of you buy six-packs these days. To clarify, I mean a six-pack of a single brand of beer; not a mixed six-pack.

Also, it would be interesting if you post what the last six-pack you bought was. Or, if you buy regularly, what your most often bought six-pack is. Any other comments regarding why you do/don’t buy six-packs is welcome as well.

How often do you buy a six-pack of craft beer?

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As for me, I fall in the almost never category. The last six-pack I bought was a sixer of Green Flash West Coast IPA when it first hit the Seattle market a couple of months ago (it was gone in a day!), and that was the first in quite a while. In the summer, Jeanne and I sometimes like to have a sixer of New Belgium Mothership Wit around as well, but between the two of us we probably buy just one per month in the summer on average.

If we could buy six-packs of the beer in the photo, Hopslam from Bell’s Brewing in Kalamazoo, Michigan, here in Seattle, then I’d be forced to pick one of those up as well. Thanks to cursedthing on Flickr for the photo.


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  • BuckeyeOne

    The question was a bit of a challenge. I usually have 6 12 oz. beers in my fridge at all times but I might not buy a sixer each week. Sierra Nevada cases at Costco are a bonanza.

  • Dan O'Leary

    I typically buy my beer at 99bottles or bottleworks in Seattle. While I can easily drop $50 to $80 in a single visit, it seems rare that I buy a six pack of a single beer style.

  • harborguy

    I can’t remember the last six-pack I bought. I have purchased the 4-packs of Goose Island Bourbon Barrel Stout and sometimes buy a 24-pack case at Costco, the last being Jubelale. The next 4-pack I buy will be when 7 Seas Brewing releases their beer in 16oz. cans next month.

  • Captain

    My most recent 6-pack was Sierra Nevada pale Ale. Prior to that i bought a 12 of Session Black being a fan of black lagers and Session.

  • Dean Ruffner

    I keep a sixer of the Mothership in my fridge at all times so that my free-loading buddies will have something decent to drink.

  • elvis

    good question. i try to do bottles, but not enough bottleshops in the area.

    if there is a compelling twofer from the same brewery, i.e…Torpedo and Celebration Ale, I’ll grab a 7.49 sixer and split it at the QFC on Broadway. They could care less if you split.

  • +Russ

    I think my last was a 6-pack was Green Flash West Coast IPA or Terminal Gravity IPA. This winter, I was buying the crap out of Sierra Nevada Celebration sixers…

  • Brian

    Ranger IPA, New Belgium and Hales Mongoose case at Costco.

    It would be interesting to see how the unique beers for $8-10 a 22oz. would do in sixers for $24-30. Even a $5 22oz. (a deal) would be $15 as a sixer. Non-six pack bottles seems like a good way to make more money and/or recoup the cost for great beer.

    It would be interesting to have a commercial brewer comment here on decisions about price points, volume produced, bottle size, etc.

  • nocurling

    i bought a six-pack recently of Firestone-Walker Union Jack, but only because Gravity was out of the 22oz bottles. 22 ozers seem to work best for me.


  • Paul

    I would say the only time I have had the compulsion to get a ‘sixer’ was as Russ said, Celebration. Else, any non special six pack purchases, I splurged on a ‘pack of Green Flash IPA recently. Note, in AZ apparently they frown on purchasing a “sample” from a six pack.

  • LarryB

    Define “craft”. I’ll buy six-packs of Dick’s (esp. the Danger Ale), Maritime Pacific (Jolly Roger Christmas Ale was VERY hard to find this year – probably due to their move) and assorted offerings from New Belgium (given that they’ve got national distribution, I find it hard to think of them as craft). Otherwise, I buy singles. I did buy the Unibrouwe 4-pack that was on offer at Costco a while ago – that was a great deal.

  • Joel

    Usually pick up 750ml Belgians myself.. 🙂

  • Tony B.

    I usually have a sixer of some sort of pale ale in the fridge at all times. I tend to buy 22’s on the fly when I go to Whole Foods or Malt and Vine. Otherwise it’s growlers.

    On a side note, I think MI has got some of the best brews in the country. I’m lucky enough to go there every other summer to see what’s “brewing” (yes bad pun). Bells and Founders are two of my faves.

  • beerdoc

    I keep a stock of 12oz/22oz/750’s that I go to 2-3 times/week and on the other nights (i.e. “school nights”), I use whatever case of staple beer I got at Costco (currently Hale’s Mongoose).

    4 packs are a nice happy medium, and I wish more breweries did that.

    BTW, found this blog about a month ago and love it. Keep up the great work.

  • Lisa Spangenberg

    I keep thinking about those mix your own six packs in terms of microbrews, but having just moved to the Pacific Northwest a little over a year ago, I confess that I’ve fallen in love with six or seven brews and keep buying them. Some are seasonal, like the Kona Pipeline Porter, which I adore.

  • Tim Nichols

    Most of my beer consumption consists of growlers, and 22oz bottles. I will buy a six pack if it is something I like on sale (I’m cheap, what can I say?) Occasionally need the six pack of Maritime Dry hopped Islander Pale or Anchor Liberty: my two go to session beers that go with everything!

  • brian

    I’ll spring for a sixer of New Belgium Abbey every once in a while, but I’m with Joel. Most of my beer money goes toward 750’s.

  • Frank Belson

    I like sixers and there’s usually some Mirror Pond in my fridge. Celebration finds a spot and so does whatever else strikes my fancy. I’ll usually buy a few single 12 ozers as well, but the only way I buy a 22 is if the beer doesn’t come in any other packaging. 22oz of the same big beer is too much for one sitting, generally.

  • BeerBlotter

    we just received a few bottles of Hopslam in our beer of the month box from Cleveland’s Rozi Winehouse.

    Along with a few Founders Double Trouble – we are ecstatic.

    But…..we did fail to buy a whole sixer of one beer. Just to many great beers to fit in those six slots!


  • Monty

    I will usually buy 1 or 2 six packs per month. Usually just at the grocery store, so its never anything too exciting. Most often Bridgeport IPA or something from Deschutes. Most of the beer I buy now days is either growlers or 22’s from one of the bottle shops, but I like the idea of having a six pack in the fridge.

  • Eric

    We buy many six packs, usually what ever is on sale (that we like, or is new). I like to have many choices in the fridge to go to, for whatever mood I’m in.

    This week alone, while on vacation, we have purchased 5 six packs and a 4 pack.

  • Pat

    166 votes on this one! Looks like the site is taking off, congrats kaiser

    As for the poll, for me six packs are the way to go, its only a couple more bucks per case than buying by the case and 22’s seem overpriced to me

  • Bar Guy

    Lately I’ve been buying Bridgeport’s Hop Czar 6-packs. Delicious!

  • neo

    what bar guy said x2
    Hop Czar ($7.49 at Safeway)our latest obsession Sierra Nevada’s Torpedo still good. Will buy a 4 pack of Old Rasputin when it’s on sale too.

  • John

    Last 6-pack I bought was a few days ago: Dick’s Working Man’s Brown.

    Solid beer to drink with dinner.

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