Poll: How Often Do You Go Out for Drinks?

July 22nd, 2010 · 2 Comments · Polls

How often do you go out for drinks in an average week?

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It’s funny. As I maintain this beer blog and write for a few other publications, many people have the perception that I’m always out at the bars and visiting breweries. Not so. I’m actually a bit of a homebody. I of course do enjoy heading out to see what’s pouring, and I have my regular haunts. But, I’d say I probably average just two nights out in a week, and that may be pushing it. It got me wondering how often other beer drinkers in this city go out in an average week?

What do I define as “going out”? Any visit to a commercial or retail establishment to have at least one drink sounds like a good definition. That includes dinner and drinks (drinks other than beer count) at a nice restaurant, a quick schooner after work at the nearby pub and everything in between.


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