Dr. Weirdyear or: How We Learned to Stop Worrying about COVID-19 and Love the Canned Fresh Hop Beers

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So….hello again from a long time away. This post is actually being written by Geoff’s wife. As the title proclaimed, this is a weird year. A weird six months if we really want to drill it down. I figure if this continues one year in I will move from fresh hops to drinking bleach as per the direction of the giant orange baby. When asked if I could write offensive things, Geoff just said, “You can be as offensive as you want.” So, there. Giant orange baby. Also, for the love of all things good, do not drink bleach.

But, I digress. This is my love song to fresh hop season, but as Jimmy Buffett says, from a different point of view. I am now sitting on my porch drinking fresh hop beer from a can. That’s right, from a can. Now some commenter wanting to sound all smart might write “Jeanne, fresh hop beers have been being canned for years now”. Well commenter, I don’t care. This is my post, and my feelings, and we are going to talk about the fresh hop beer in cans that we had tonight (while watching FOOTBALL???? That had FANS IN THE STANDS?????). Mind blown. We tried Matchless’s C.S.A. Farm Harvest fresh hop, Breakside’s Fresh Hop 2020 and the Fresh-Hopped Oktoberfest from Level Beer. Shout out to Full Throttle Bottles (Go Sox!) in Georgetown for having the Breakside & Level on your shelves and Thriftway West Seattle for having the Matchless. This isn’t to say that each place didn’t have more options, that is just where we purchased these. So, if you are still reading after all this…here are our(my) very concise thoughts…

Matchless: Thumbs up for using all Washington ingredients. Really interesting bouquet. More malt character than most fresh hop beers.

Breakside: Mild aroma hinting at the inclusion of fresh hops. Fresh hop flavor more pronounced overall. Very solid.

Level: Pretty fantastic and perfect for late summer/fall. Not a huge fresh hop flavor/aroma, but enough to know it’s there. Smooth malt profile with a moderate bitterness to finish. It’s challenging to get the fresh hops to come through in a style other than pale ale/IPA, but this is really nice.

Would I get these again? Yes on the Breakside. Though it might not have achieved the dankness I seek in a fresh hop, you could still pick up the green fresh hop character, and I did quite enjoy it. Would definitely have the Level again. I personally wouldn’t get the Matchless again, but that is just one person’s opinion.

So, let us know your thoughts on the fresh hop beers coming out and what you suggest and how you are consuming your beer. Hopefully with a mask on except for when you are actually imbibing. Stay safe and stay healthy.


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