Hellbent Brewing Company Set to Open This Saturday in Lake City

May 26th, 2015 · Washington Breweries

Image from Hellbent’s FB page.

Residents of Lake City and nearby neighborhoods in northern Seattle, rejoice. Hellbent Brewing is set to open their doors to the public this upcoming Saturday, May 30. Hellbent will join the Lake City arm of Elliott Bay Brewing & the Northgate location of RAM as the only breweries in Seattle located north of 50th St and east of I-5. Somebody smarter can fact check me on that, but it seems like a very under served area of the city.

According to Eater, Hellbent is the product of four partners, including Brian Young as head brewer. Some of you might remember Young from his days at Redhook, Rock Bottom Bellevue & Gordon Biersch. Young brings instant credibility to the brewery. I was very familiar with his work at Rock Bottom Bellevue, including his version of the company’s Hop Bomb IPA, for which he won multiple medals at GABF. At the very least, I expect they’ll hit the ground running in terms of beer quality.

Hellbent is located at 13035 Lake City Way NE and will be open to the public for the first time on Saturday, May 30, from Noon to Midnight. They will start off with three beers on tap: Funky RED Patina, Olympic Hills Spring Ale, and First Born IPA. Hellbent is 21+, so leave the kids at home.

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Standard Brewing Looks to Grow in Central District

May 18th, 2015 · Washington Breweries

It’s hard to describe just how small of a space the tasting room at Standard Brewing is to someone who has not been there. It’s tiny. Owner Justin Gerardy opened the nanobrewery at 25th and Jackson in the Central District back in March 2013, and he’s probably been dreaming about expansion since the very beginning. Well, that day is finally here. Justin will be expanding the brewery at its current location, including taking over the space next door, where he’ll build out a larger bar area featuring food, liquor and house beers. In addition, Justin will be expanding the patio space, putting in a larger brewing system, a yeast lab and adding oak barrels for aging & sour beers.

Cheers to Justin for sticking in the Central District. Keep reading the press release below for much more information.

Well, it had to happen sooner or later. For the last year or so, it has often felt like Standard Brewing was headed downhill on a freeway onramp, stuck in first gear. It all started with 1100 square feet, 3 fermenters and a brewing system that produced 31 gallons at a time. Now at 2000 square feet, 7 fermenters, a brite tank, and tripling our cold room, we’re squeezing every last drop of beer out of our space, constantly struggling to maintain our 12 taps. I knew a year and a half ago that the nano life couldn’t last much longer, and started considering every option that kept the brewery in the Central District. I looked at the Field Roast building, 18th and Yesler, the Catfish Corner building, every vacancy on Jackson St., the Firestone building, even made a valiant attempt at the old Firehouse on Yesler. After finding rents in our area to be totally unworkable for this type of business, a deal was reached to keep us in our current building, where we can expand and stay indefinitely.

Every brewery has a unique model to make ends meet. Some are set up to sell entirely at wholesale to distributors and produce huge volumes. Others add a tasting room and sell a bit of retail as well. Some focus on nothing but on-premise consumption, including food and spirits, where total output can be a bit more restrained. Most of the time, the formula is based on the available space. In our case, space is the constraint, but so are our ideals. Not wanting to leave the neighborhood leaves our options slim, but the choice to keep the brewery relatively small also affords us diversity and an experimental attitude. Some say we’re known for our IPAs, but it’s the other 9 taps that keep it interesting from a brewer’s perspective, and if we switch to production brewing in a warehouse, this playfulness wouldn’t be possible.

The plan is going to unfold in stages over the next 7 to 8 months. The first thing you’ll see is the removal of that goofy false wall as you enter the tasting room. In early summer, the patio will expand to include the whole parking lot. It will become fenced in. We’ll be repairing the water damage and repainting the entire exterior of the building. Roof leaks will be repaired. Then, we’ll be bringing in a new system, which will likely give us about 7 times the output we currently have. We will be building out a yeast lab and bringing in a plethora of oak barrels for aging and sours. You will start hearing a lot about nerdy microbiology and unusual bugs making your Standard beer. Brettanomyces. Lactobacillus. Acetobacter. Mixed, wild cultures. My goal is to have monthly special bottle releases once it is all humming along smoothly.

In October, we will take possession of the space next door, currently occupied by the Halal Mart. Build-out will commence on a new bar space, where we’ll not just serve our beers, but food and liquor as well. The kitchen will be a little pop-up, where we will bring in talented, interesting food that works especially well with our beer. In unfussy ways, the years spent in a vest and tie, stirring brown liquor will come back into use behind a sexy bar top. This time, however, dress will be casual. In the end, the same low key atmosphere and style will be maintained along an ever changing, consistently high quality, variety of beery options, and we will all welcome a handful of new people into the Standard family while we stride toward a Grand Re-Opening somewhere around the new year.

I can’t express how thankful I am for everyone’s support and patronage that has grown this business into the voracious little monster it is. Please pardon our dust as we get to work on a thousand little steps that will bring it all together into the next version of Standard Brewing. See you all soon.

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Drop Anchor Brewery Changes Name to Avoid Trademark Issues with Anchor Brewing

May 18th, 2015 · Washington Breweries

River Mile 38A small brewery located in Cathlamet, Washington recently got the attention of a much larger brewery located in San Francisco, California. Cathlamet’s Drop Anchor Brewery was contacted by Anchor Brewing Company, which is America’s oldest operating craft brewery. Anchor Brewing claims ownership of a trademark that gives the brewery the exclusive rights to the use of the word “Anchor” in the beer industry.

In order to prevent legal action, Drop Anchor Brewery agreed to change its name to “River Mile 38 Brewing Company”.

Keep reading the press release below for more information on the situation.

One year ago, when Drop Anchor Brewery opened in Cathlamet, Washington, they never dreamed that their success at brewing and distributing quality, fresh, local beer would attract the attention of the West Coast’s oldest and largest brewery.  However, Anchor Brewing Company, better known as Anchor Steam Beer, became aware of Drop Anchor after the little, local brewery started to turn up in over 60 locations in Washington. Anchor Brewing claims their trademark grants them the exclusive use of the word “Anchor” in the beer industry.

“Anchor Steam felt their customers could get confused when Drop Anchor bottles or cans our beer and the two brands are on the shelf next to each other. They are forcing us to change our name,” said Richard Erickson, Managing Partner.

“I guess it is a compliment that we have gotten their attention, we are a small, micro-brewery in a very small town that takes a lot of pride in quality and consistency and I think that is why we are growing so fast. Also, our top three beers, Broken Hose Amber Ale, Fog lifter Scottish Ale, and Hard Over Hefeweizen have been very consistent in sales. Once a business puts them on tap they normally keep them on tap or add them to their rotation of micro beers. And our Provocative Porter is steadily gaining ground too.”

Drop Anchor has created quite a splash in the Southwest Washington area with an identity for great beer and community involvement in Wahkiakum County, population 4,000. To prevent legal action, the new name search began. Taking several months and the help of a Trademark Attorney and with input from their Founders, they have a new identity. Erickson said, “Brewery and beer names are very competitive and it’s quite a chore to find one that is not trademarked but we believe we’ve found a winner.”

“We’re proud to announce we have chosen “River Mile 38 Brewing Company”. This name ties us back to the Columbia River and the Cathlamet Marina where we are located. If you travel the river by boat you would find our brewery in the Marina, 38 miles upstream from the mouth of the Columbia River.”

On May 16th Drop Anchor Brewery held their one year anniversary party at the brewery and announced their new name to all their supporters, Founders, and the beer world. “We are very excited about our future,” said Andy Lea, Brewer and Production Manager. “We are doing what we love – making good beer to share with family, friends, and customers. We are now sharing it with beer drinkers throughout Southwest Washington and as far North as Olympia.”

Brewer, Steve Sharp, said, “no matter how big we get we will only use the best ingredients and take the time to brew a quality and consistent beer.”

“This is a small bump in the road that actually many new breweries have to deal with now. It is becoming more of an issue as the number of breweries grow. For us, nothing has changed, just the name on the building”, said Jeff Seawell, Sales & Marketing Manager.

“The future is bright for our brewery; not every new business gets so much attention. This re-branding has become part of our journey and with help and support from our community, Founders, and loyal customers, our young brewery and our community will grow and prosper. Come visit River Mile 38, stay for a beer, and enjoy this beautiful part of Washington on the Columbia,” Erickson said.

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Gordon Biersch Celebrates Seattle Beer Week with Lagerfest Tonight

May 13th, 2015 · Events, Washington Breweries

lagerfest-banner_fbNot only does the Seattle Gordon Biersch make some of the best lagers around, but tonight they will feature some great lagers from other Washington breweries for a bit of a tap takeover at their brewpub in Pacific Place.

The fun will kickoff at 5pm with a cask of homemade Radler and “the passing of the boot”.

The prelim taplist includes:
Chuckanut Baltic Porter
Chuckanut Vienna Lager
Alpine Pils
Elysian (TBA)
Silver City Sieben Brau
Silver City Ziggy Zoggy
E9 Tac-City light
Maisel’s Chocolate Bock
Holy Mt. Lager
GB Maerzen
GB Export
GB Rauch
GB Mosiac Pils
GB Miabock
GB Radler

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Seattle Beer Week Off to a Stellar Start – My Weekend in Review

May 11th, 2015 · Events


Outstanding tap list at The Sixgill.

The 7th Annual Seattle Beer Week (SBW) kicked off this past Thursday, and the fun will continue all the way through Sunday, May 17. Check out the full list of events on the SBW website.

Personally, the start of my Seattle Beer Week has been pretty outstanding. I was travelling Thursday and missed the opening festivities, but below is a quick recap of my weekend.


  • The start of a perfectly sunny Seattle weekend began with me drinking a bunch of heavy stouts indoors at Brouwer’s Cafe for their Back in Black Stout Festival. With more than 40 stouts on tap from all of the country and world, there were plenty of gems to choose from on the list. The Kona Coffee version of Alesmith Speedway Stout was a nice find, and the Firestone Walker 2011 Parabola is still holding up quite well after four years. Another favorite was the 2013 Bourbon Barrel Stout from Northwest Brewing Company. It wasn’t as robust and over-the-top as many of the others we were sampling, but it is a great example of balance with all the flavors showing up. The most interesting beer of the session had to have been the Crème Brulee Velvet Glove from Iron Fist Brewing of Vista, California. In contrast to the popular Creme Brulee from Southern Tier Brewing, Iron Fist’s version was much less sweet & intense. The flavor leaned towards almost a creamy coconut more so than straight creme brulee, but it was quite enjoyable.
  • After we had our fill of stouts, we headed over to Toronado Seattle for an event with Drake’s Brewing Company. Located in San Leandrdo, CA, Drake’s beer is not typically available in the Seattle market, but they made a few appearances this weekend for SBW. As much as I enjoy all the events featuring local beers for SBW, these types of one-off events are the ones that really get my attention. Our table had a nice sampling of their selection, including the Drake’s 1500 Pale Ale, Puckersmith, Wild Hundo and Denogginizer IIPA.


  • It was so nice out on Saturday that we wanted to make sure that we enjoyed the weather a bit while hitting a few SBW options at the same time. We started off with a walk from our place in N. Beacon Hill over to Rhein Haus. They were not having an official SBW event on Saturday, but they did the inaugural tapping of this year’s official SBW beer, Silver City Sieben Braü, here on Thursday. We enjoyed a 1/2 liter of the hoppy lager on their expansive patio, which I was amazed that more people were not out there on such a beautiful day. This is going to be a go-to spot for us on sunny afternoons this summer.
  • Next up we walked down to The Pine Box, where they were getting ready to start their Beer Can Derby races our on their patio. This is the first year I’ve attended the Beer Can Derby, and honestly I was amazed and a bit surprised for how many people turn out for the event. They had some special beers pouring for the event, including New Belgium Cherry Oscar Love, a special sour blend that is still on tap.
  • We headed to the other side of town for our final stop of the day, Famhouse Night at The Sixgill in Fremont. They were featuring saisons and more from Crux, Engine House #9, pFriem, Trinity, The Commons, Breakside, and Prairie Ales. Add to those plenty of leftover sour beers from their Cascade event on Thursday, and the taplist was pure heaven. We could have stayed all night. I was quite impressed by the Trinity Magical Brett Sereis No. 1, which was heavy on the Brett, but really enjoyable. The Breakside Bonfire Walk with Me was surprisingly good. Billed as a “spontaneously fermented old ale” collaboration with Bonfire Brewing, it had a lot going on. I also couldn’t help but have a glass of Cascade Noyaux, which in my mind is the best fruit sour beer they make, and they make a lot of great ones. After The Sixgill, we’d headed back home to grill and enjoy the weather on the patio….not a bad day.

Beer Can Derby at The Pine Box.

We were tempted to hit a few SBW events on Sunday, but instead we headed over to the Eastside to pick up our quarterly wine club delivery from Brian Carter Cellars. Heading to Woodinville always gives us an excuse to visit one of the breweries over that way, and we chose Triplehorn Brewing this time around. We had not been in there in at least a year, and the taproom and patio setup has changed quite a bit since then. Triplehorn makes some solid beers, and their Enabler Session IPA was perfect to sip in the sun on their patio; it’s one of the better session IPAs out there. We were planning on heading back home to grill again, but the awesomeness of Din Tai Fung pulled us to downtown Bellevue. We were lucky enough to snag two seats at the bar right away, where I was happy to find Black Raven Trickster IPA on tap to enjoy with their amazing dumplings.

It was an all around fantastic weekend, but there is no chance I’ll keep up that pace this week. That said, I’m excited to hit a few select SBW events later this week, including the dinner with Logsdon Farmhouse Ales at The Masonry on Wednesday.

Whatever you end up doing, I hope you enjoy Seattle Beer Week as much as I do.

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Maritime Pacific to Feature Five Year Vertical of Jolly Roger Tomorrow for Seattle Beer Week

May 11th, 2015 · Events, Washington Breweries

Maritime Pacific Brewing has a few events at the brewery to celebrate Seattle Beer Week, and tomorrow night will be one not to miss for fans of their popular Jolly Roger Christmas Ale. Starting at 5pm, Maritime will pour the following vintages of Jolly Roger: 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 & 2014. The 2014 version will also be available on cask and poured through a nitro tap.

Below is a press release from Maritime detailing their full slate of events:

Maritime Pacific Brewing Company
Seattle Beer Week Events at the Jolly Roger Taproom

Thursday May 7th
5 PM Tapping of Our Bourbon Aged MayBock

Tuesday May 12th
5 PM till it’s Gone, ONE NIGHT ONLY!!,” JOLLY DAZE”, Vertical Jolly Roger Tastings: 2003,2007, 2010, 2013, 2014 along with Jolly Roger on Cask and Nitrogen. Jolly Roger Swag Drawing @7PM. Don’t miss this event if you love JOLLY. We only do the Vertical during Seattle Beer Week.

Friday May 15th
5 PM till it’s Gone, One Night Only, “FIRKIN, FIRKIN” 6 (maybe 7) Cask beers to choose from: Dry hopped Hop Surge Triple IPA, Vanilla Gator (Vanilla Bean Navigator Dunkelweizen Bock), Devil’s Islander (Chili Pepper Islander Pale Ale), 2011 Dry Hopped Salmon Bay ESB, Dry Hopped Imperial IPA, Dry Hopped Islander Pale Ale, and possibly something else from the cellars if we feel wanting.

You may also see us around with other specialty beers of ours at various events during Seattle Beer Week such as: Bitterroot: May 10th, Barking Dog: May 13th, 74th St Alehouse: May 14th, Mammoth: May 15th, to name a few.

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Reuben’s Brews Set to Open New Brewery & Taproom This Saturday

May 6th, 2015 · Washington Breweries

Exciting news from Reuben’s!

I’ll let them do all the talking:

SEATTLE, Wash. (May 5, 2015) The wait is finally over. The taproom that RateBeer named 2014 Best Taproom in Washington is getting even better…and bigger!

At noon on Saturday, May 9, Reuben’s Brews will open the doors to its new, larger brewery and taproom at 5010 14th Ave NW! The celebration will include special beers from the cellar, complimentary Reuben’s Brews bottle openers for the first 100 people, brewery tours and more. The Burgerphenia food truck will be onsite as well.

“We’re really excited to show people the new brewery!” said Adam Robbings, co-founder and head brewer of Reuben’s Brews. “We’ve aimed to make the new taproom really comfortable but still open to the wonders of the brewing space. We are excited to brew more styles, add to our line-up with sours and lagers, and expand our barrel-aging program.”

The 4,000 square-foot space, located at 5010 14th Avenue NW, is only two blocks south of the existing brewery and will feature a 15-barrel brewhouse, 30-barrel fermenters and a larger taproom with 24 taps, an outside deck, more seating, and a 10-foot video screen for showing Sounders and Seahawks games and other major sports events. Beer fans will also be able to enjoy Reuben’s seven days a week! The new taproom will be open MondayWednesday from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m., and ThursdaySunday from noon to 9 p.m.

When Adam, wife Grace and brother-in-law Mike Pfeiffer opened Reuben’s Brews in August 2012, they had five of their beers available in the taproom. Since then Reuben’s has regularly had 12 of their own beers on tap. They quickly became a well-respected brewery and have won more awards for their beers than any other brewery in Washington since opening their doors.

“Keeping our existing brewery as a pilot brewery and barrel house was key to us continuing to be able to brew a wide variety of beers,” said Robbings. “We already have bourbon, whiskey and tequila barrels on their way and sherry and red wine puncheons are ready to start our sour program. We are also really excited to also expand our distribution as at last we have beer for existing and new customers.”

Saturday, May 9 will mark a major milestone for Reuben’s.  Since opening in August 2012, they reached brewing capacity within six months and started searching for expansion spaces exactly two years ago – in May 2013. After a long, difficult search for a suitable space they signed their lease for the new brewery in August 2014, having ordered their new brewhouse four months earlier.  In January 2015 they signed with Click Wholesale Distribution in anticipation of the new brewery coming online to help make their brews more widely available.

The existing taproom will continue to operate on its regular schedule through March 8. Additional information and photos of the construction can be found on the Reuben’s Brews Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

About Reuben’s Brews

Reuben’s Brews is a small, family-owned brewery located in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, WA. Since we opened in 2012, our beer has been awarded several local, regional, national and international awards. We were a top 10 brewery at the 2014 and 2013 U.S. Open Beer Championships, have won 21 medals at the World Beer Championships, and were runner up Best Small Brewery in the 2013 Washington Beer Awards. It’s been an amazing journey since we opened in 2012, and we expect it to get even busier in 2015 with the addition of our new taproom and production brewery.

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Seattle Beer Week Starts Thursday – Beer Dinner Options

May 4th, 2015 · Beer & Food, Events

The 7th Annual Seattle Beer Week kicks off this Thursday, May 7, and it will stretch all the way through Sunday, May 17. As always, there are an insane amount of worthy events. I’ll suggest that you check out the website to peruse the full list of events. Most events you don’t need to think ahead; just show up and enjoy. But, if you have any desire to partake in one of the many beer dinners or beer & food-related events, you might want to get on that now. In fact, several dinners are already sold out.

Below is a list of some of the beer & food-related events for Seattle Beer Week that stand out to me. Apologies for the events I left off. There are quite a few other BBQs and such that you’ll find on the full list of events. Feel free to leave notes in the comments sections. Also, for the few events that are listed as SOLD OUT, it can’t hurt to call and see if they have a waiting list if you want to go.

Il Corvo & Pfriem Brewers Dinner – Saturday, May 9 – Il Corvo owner & chef Mike Easton is sure to pull out all the stops for this dinner. $125 includes tax, tip and Brown Paper Tickets service fees.

Black Raven Pub Crawl – Saturday, May 9 – This isn’t just any pub crawl. This crawl will visit five different Tom Douglas venues and include beer and food pairings at each. You’ll start at Hot Stove Society, then move on to Cantina Lena, TanakaSan, Seatown and Dahlia Lounge. Did I mention there will be plenty of Black Raven beer? $75 cost includes food and beer pairings.

Urban:Beer:Table – Monday, May 11 – This event at Urban Family Brewing will feature rare & delicious beers from the the following farmhouse breweries: Perennial Artisan Ales, Telegraph Brewing, Commons Brewery, Epic Ales and Urban Family. The beers will be paired with a 5-course meal put together by Chef Sheri LaVigne of Calf & Kid & the upcoming Culture Club. Tickets are just $45 per person including tax & tip.

Sierra Nevada Beer Dinner – Monday, May 11 – Steve Dresler, the original Head Brewer at Sierra Nevada, will be on hand at the Watershed Pub & Kitchen for this 4-course pairing dinner. Tickets are $50 including tax & tip.

Port Brewing & Lost Abbey Brewers Dinner at Art of the Table – Tuesday, May 12 – This dinner will be epic, albeit pricey. $195 + tax and tip will get you 8 different beer & food pairings. If you have never had the pleasure of dining at Art of the Table, the food is about as good as it gets. And, if you know beer, you likely know that Port/Lost Abbey is one of the best in the business. No indication if this is sold out already, but I wouldn’t be surprised, even at that price.

Trappist Dinner at Quinn’s – Tuesday, May 12 – 7-course meal paired with nothing but trappist beers. This has become a SBW tradition. Price not listed, You will need reservations though.

Pairing Dinner at Elliot Bay Brewing Lake City Way – Tuesday, May 12 – This will be the first ever beer pairing dinner at Elliot Bay Lake City Way. 5 courses paired with house beers for $50 including tax & tip.

Breakside Brewers Dinner at Bing’s – Tuesday, May 12 – 6 beers from Portland’s Breakside Brewing paired with 5 courses. Breakside Brewmaster Ben Edmunds will be on hand. Seems like a great chance to check out this Madison Park restaurant that is a bit under the radar. Tickets are $75.

Charging Hippo Brewers Dinner at Watershed Pub & Kitchen – Wednesday, May 13 – Join Head Brewer Kirby Krackle & Frontman Kyle Stevens for a 5-course dinner paired with Charging Hippo’s strong, unique beers and a solo acoustic performance by Kyle himself. Advance tickets at the pub—$50 each, tax and gratuity included. First beer at 6PM, dinner at 6:30PM.

Hair of the Dog Dinner at Burgundian – Wednesday, May 13 – SOLD OUT (at $150 per pop! yes, it’s going to be that awesome.)

Logsdon Dinner at The Masonry – Wednesday, May 13 – SOLD OUT

Holy Mountain Beer Dinner at Brave Horse Tavern – Thursday, May 14 – I don’t see this listed on the SBW website anymore, but the link is still live to buy tickets at Tom Douglas’s website. You might want to call for reservations, just in case somethings up here. $80 for 5 courses paired with some of the best beers around Seattle these days.

Silver City Brewers Dinner at Feierabend – Thursday, May 14 – It is very rare for our pubs to pour anything other then authentic German biers but we are delighted to have Silver City Brewery host this dinner and bier pairing event. Silver City’s Don Spencer will be brewing some amazing German styles to pair with a delicious meal by Feierabend Chef Ryan Sullivan. No indication on if reservations are required/price.

Pike Brewing Dinner at Steelhead Diner – Thursday, May 14 – There is absolutely no info for this event listed, but Steelhead Diner is one of my favorite restaurants in town. Worthy just based on their normal food.

Midnight Sun Tasting at Hot Stove Society – Friday, May 15 – This food & beer pairing will feature beers from Alaska’s Midnight Sun Brewing and food from Tom Douglas’s Hot Stove Society. $35 for four pairings.







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Charles Finkel of Pike Brewing Joins MOHAI for History on the Rocks Lecture Series Tonight

April 30th, 2015 · Events

MOHAIAs part of the special Rise and Fall of Prohibition exhibit currently on view at MOHAI, they have a prohibition lecture series called History on the Rocks that you can attend. Tonight, Charles Finkel of Pike Brewing will be on hand for “Fermenting a Legacy of Beer and Wine”. He will also be joined by Bob Betz of Betz Family Winery.

You can buy tickets online for $10, which includes 1 drink. The event starts at 6pm. If you have not yet visited the special exhibit, I highly recommend it. This is a great excuse to get over there.

More info:

History on the Rocks – Fermenting a Legacy of Beer and Wine

Thursday, April 30 from 6pm to 8pm

Interested in the history behind your favorite drink? MOHAI pairs historical insights with tastings from local alcohol manufacturers to bring you a new twist on the museum lecture.

Today, Washington State is nationally recognized for its fine wines and craft beers, but it’s been a long journey that predates prohibition. Join Charles Finkel, founder of Pike Brewing Company, and Bob Betz, founder of Betz Family Winery, to discover how the agricultural landscape has catapulted these industries to success.

Ticket includes one drink (this event is 21+, please show your ID at the door)

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Naked City Brewing to Feature 8 Collaborations & 80 Regional Beers for Seattle Beer Week

April 29th, 2015 · Events, Washington Breweries

It hurts my liver a bit to even think about it, but Seattle Beer Week is coming up from May 7 – 17. Naked City Brewing is ready for the festivities. They’ll be hosting special events throughout the week. See below for details.

Press Release:

Seattle, WA – Naked City’s head brewer Don Webb collaborated on a series of unique beers that will be featured at Naked City’s pub during Seattle Beer Week alongside 80 hand-selected, rare beers from Washington State and Oregon. The Walrus Beer Garden at Naked City will host five epic brewers nights including two new events: Wood Aged Washington and Battle of the Gorge.

Seattle Proper: The finest wood-aged and deliciously odd beers brewed inside the Seattle city limits (5/7, 6-9pm).

Nanobrewery Night: The best beers from all the nanobreweries we could find all over Washington State. On this epic night we celebrate the smallest of the small batch, hand-made, unique craft beers that make Washington so special (5/8, 6-9pm).

Battle of the Gorge: Join us for a very special night as the famed breweries of the Columbia Gorge battle it out in a head-to-head blind taste test: Oregon vs. Washington (5/11, 6-9pm).

Wood Aged Washington: We’ve collected it all for you in one place, for one night. The finest wood aged beers brewed in all of Washington State, from border to border to border, and everywhere in between (5/12, 6-9pm).

Oregon Night: Talk hops with an all-star cast of brewers, including Ninkasi’s Jamie Floyd, while tasting wood aged and deliciously odd beers from the finest breweries in Oregon (5/13, 6-9pm).

Naked City will host three quirky beer events during Seattle Beer Week: Barleywood Squares (5/8, 12-2pm), a Mother’s Day Psycho screening with live soundtrack from DJ Nicfit (5/9, 8-10pm), and the second annual Big Naked Washers Tournament in the Walrus (5/16, 3-5pm).

All events feature themed food pairings from Chef Tessa Roberts.

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