“Dawn of a New Era” for Two Beers Brewing Co.

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Great news from Two Beers Brewing!

I am at the dawn of an era for Two Beers Brewing Co. For over a year now we have been operating on a small scale. In so doing we were hoping to answer two questions. One, do I enjoy being part of the alcohol industry. Two, is there room in Seattle for another microbrewery.

14 months into it both questions have been answered with a resounding “yes.” From the response in the market it is apparent that people have been looking for new, fun, and innovative breweries to start-up and get their beer in the market. And, I would want nothing else then to be making a product that brings people together for conversation. In owning a brewery I have a profound responsibility to society and a privileged place to act in ways that other industries cannot.

I love this.

So what is the dawn of a new era? The signing of a lease in a warehouse in SoDo. This warehouse will allow us to live more fully into our mission to take some time, look at the world, and gain a new perspective. We will be able to host people for events. To donate our space for non-profits and NGO’s we believe in. And, to produce plenty more 20:20 Blonde, Immersion Amber, and Echo IPA.

Excited Yet? We are.

In addition to producing more beer for the discerning tastes of Seattle and beyond we are in the process of ramping up our efforts to team up with local non-profits that work with recovering alcoholics as well as start up a foundation that we call Closing the Loop (first event to be late summer). We believe that addressing both the connective side of beer (getting together with friends) but also the underbelly of the industry we are taking the phrase “drink responsibly” to another tier. Something that we hope becomes a model for others in the industry.

So join us in person, digitally, or both.
We will be frequently updating our blog with consruction updates. The blog is located at http://www.twobeersbrewery.com/blog as well as updating our facebook page. (location).

Welcome to the journey. May we journey well, journey strong and journey so the world may be a better place.

Founder and Proprietor


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  • P. Fruit Trees

    I was discussing with him on his pending move into the new digs at LaTona last night. He is very optimistic of progressing the brewery and getting the beer on more handles. I look forward to seeing him maybe on my neighborhood bar’s draft line soon.

    Cheers and thanks for the information.

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