Wedding Bells are Ringing…

March 20th, 2009 · 14 Comments · Uncategorized

Jeanne & I celebrating later that night at Eva in Wallingford with some champagne (and our favorite lamb burger).

Jeanne & I celebrating later that night at Eva in Tangletown with some champagne (and our favorite lamb burger).

That’s right girls, I’m now officially off the market!

After dating for almost three years, I finally proposed to my wonderful girlfriend, Jeanne McCarthy. It was a beautiful setting near the North Head lighthouse on the WA coast, and she did indeed say yes. We’re both excited about getting married in the summer of 2010.

Jeanne knows how much I love her and all of the reasons why, but I wanted to add how much it means to me that she puts up with and supports my love of beer. I can be a bit fanatical at times, but she helps keep me in check while still giving me enough line to explore the scenery. She enjoyed good beer before we ever met, and in fact SHE suggested that we go to Brouwer’s Cafe on our first date. Yep, that’s what I call a keeper, guys. These days, she gets just as excited as I do about attending events and taking trips to explore new breweries. She’s great to have around to split those 22oz and 750ml bottles of beer, too!

Jeanne, I love you…and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.

You can see the rest of our engagement photos here.


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  • P. Fruit Trees

    Congrats Jeanne and Geoff,
    I was glad to see you finally put the official stamp on this what I perceived rumor. I hope your wedding and years spent together is full of happiness and long life.

    Paul “Fruit Trees”

  • Beer Retard

    Sappiest beer post ever, Mr. Kaiser.

    Congratulations, man…

  • Harborguy

    Congratulations Jeanne & Geoff,

    Geoff, as a fellow beer lover from Munster, I can see that you are marrying up to a higher station in life.
    Best wishes for many years of wedded bliss.

  • Tim Hayner

    Best wishes to you!

  • blackhook

    Way to go Jeanne and Geoff!!!

    Here’s wishing you many happy & hoppy years together …can’t wait to celebrate with you. Over a beer maybe?


  • Aaron

    Congrats! From personal experience, I’d like to suggest that you can register for homebrew equipment and that a Belgian beer tour makes a wonderful honeymoon!

  • Pollack

    Loser. JK. Very happy 4ya.

  • Pollack

    P.S. I like what “Aaron” said.

  • jmaximus

    ’bout three years ago
    these two started out dating
    and now they’re engaged!

    Congrats Jeanne and Geoff, best wishes to you both!

  • MAS

    Congrats. I figured the beer fan might pull out the ring at Diamond Knot. 🙂

  • Elvis

    congrats, dude. now, what beers will you have at your wedding?

  • Jeanne

    Thank you to everyone for all the warm wishes! You are all too kind.

    If anyone does know of a reception venue in or near Seattle that lets you bring in your own beer, please let us know. We would love to have our own selection of great beers (specific choices yet to be decided Elvis) for our party.

  • Brewery Goddess

    Congratulations! I will suggest you check out Pickering Barn in Issaquah. When my nephew got married there they let me bring in Snoqualmie kegs, and have let us bring in beer for pottery sales. They have the “old barn” part, which is fairly rustic and makes a great chapel, and a new, large reception hall. It’s owned by the city of Issaquah:

  • jmaximus

    Jeanne, you might want to check in with the West Seattle Golf Course.

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