Best Brewery or Beer Bar Websites?

April 5th, 2009 · 9 Comments · Washington Breweries

It’s not a given that every brewery/beer bar has a a website these days, but it’s fair to say that the majority of them at least have some info online. What are some of the better websites out there? What qualifies as a good website is completely open to interpretation. It could be a website that is useful because they update their tap list constantly. It could be a website that has lots of info about the people/story of the place that really helps you get to know them. Or, it could be a website that’s just plain weird…but interesting.

I’m mostly looking for websites for places in the Northwest/Northern California, but feel free to call out websites for places outside of the area as well. Let me know what it is you like about them, too. Here are a few to get you started, but I hope to hear about some of the websites that have impressed you:

Naked City Taphouse – Their website is well-designed and they update their online taplist quicker than most bars update their chalkboards (actually, quicker than even they update their own chalkboards!). They offer a twitter feed for new beers as well. It’s a pretty comprehensive website, offering an updated calendar of events, their food menu, and an “About” section that fills you in on how they ended up where they are. They don’t really leave anything out.

Pike Brewing – This is another well-designed and easy to use website that gives you lots of information about the brewery and the history of its owners, Charles & Rose Ann Finkel. They give plenty of details about their beers, including ingredients, color, description and the history of each beer. There is even a “Pub Test” from the “Pike University of Brewing” that is 100 questions designed to teach as well as test the user.

Magic Hat Brewing – This Vermont Brewery (who bought Pyramid Brewing last year) has a site that isn’t just all about the beer. They give you all the details about the beers and company, but it’s also an interactive website that includes some fancy graphics (check out the “Wacko” page under Our Elixers), a section of “amusements/distractions”, and a “Get Under the Cap” page that seems to allow you to submit suggestions for what wacky comments they should print under their bottle caps.

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  • snakeoilpete

    Nice topic- I was just talking about this with a friend last time I was at Naked City. Their site is definitely the best that I’ve found. Uber’s ( ) is good as well. They update their tap list daily. Brouwer’s did weekly PDF updates up until a month or so ago, but for some reason (maybe Hard Liver screwed things up), that hasn’t been the case lately. Elysian also has an accessible online taplist, but I’m not sure how often it is updated.

    Maybe there aren’t enough people like me to drum up a business case for online tap lists, especially if you’re talking about places that currently don’t have a website at all, but I know there have been plenty of times that I’ve headed straight to Naked City or Uber after work after seeing something special pop up. It seems like it wouldn’t take too much effort for a few of the other notable beer bars in the area that already have websites to at least put up a simple list like Uber’s and update it once every day or so.

    But hey, maybe not having an RSS feed of the tap list of EVERY place in the area is the only thing keeping me employed.

  • pollack

    I hate the Magic Hat site.

  • Kaiser

    It hates you too, Pollack.

  • Elvis

    bailey’s and horsebrass in pdx r both very good

    bottleworks is good, although what they list and what they have doesn’t always match.

    full throttle needs to up their site. i don’t make the trip without knowing something. i’ll just got more local if need be.

  • Socialretard

    Elvis…for the Bottleworks blog, we almost always post new beer updates on the day we receive a shipment. Anything we list has made it into the store and is on the shelf at that moment. Unfortunately, we have very small quantities of certain beers and they go quickly….

  • blackhook

    Sierra Nevada has a very nicely done site…check out the cool video of harvesting estate hops & brewing with them.

    Excellent info on ingredients (breakout of bittering & finishing hops), great info about their environmental initiatives — including a link that shows real-time solar production.

  • Bob

    Elliott Ryan at the Latona Pub regularly posts a photo to Twitter/TwitPic of the chalkboard listing the beers on tap. There is a page on their web site showing the latest updates:

  • Samurai Artist

    shouldnt you list the Naked City Twitter feed?
    I tried to look it up but cant find it.

  • Kaiser

    Naked City is on Twitter as “nakedcitybeer”:

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