What is Your Favorite Washington IPA (7.5% ABV or less)?

June 26th, 2009 · 34 Comments · Polls, Washington Breweries

Since it is too cruel to ask you to vote for just one, you are allowed to vote for up to three of your favorite IPAs. Consider this “market research”. I apologize in advance for any favorites I’ve left off; please use the “other” choice. Only looking for standard IPAs; no Belgian, dark or fruity IPAs, etc…

Please, only vote once. No cheating…

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  • Jesse

    I, like you, am a Boundary Bay fan, but I have to admit that the last two times I’ve had it were both on what must’ve been bad lines, at the Attic at Madison Beach and Columbia City Alehouse (’twas flat actually). It’s always good at the Hop Vine however and at the source!

    Hop Diggity and Walking Man (but too scarce!) are great too. Ice Harbor is pretty good too but their one off IPA’s are excellent.

    I think Diamond Knot used to be better, or my tastes have changed… and Maritime Imperal is now called Keelhauler Double IPA, same 7.5% recipe. I’m not impressed with their rebranding efforts, but am looking forward to the bigger space.

    Awesome job on compiling this list.

  • elvis

    by virtue of the prominence, the usual suspects will likely win.

    i cannot bad mouth the attic, but i think their lines suck. i’ve been massively hungover from 2 beers there and also think some of their beer doesn’t taste as good as it should. BB and DK are two good examples.

  • Ryan

    Elysian Avatar Jasmine IPA is my “other” – fantastic, unique, and perfect for summer.

  • Ep

    I also think Diamond Knot has changed, for the worse. Still very good, but I remember it being phenomenal.

  • Barley Jim

    “It’s too hard for us”
    Can’t do it. Mainly because there are three or four I haven’t had a chance to taste yet and I can’t bring myself to commit to any one without trying the others. So I will! Yeah! Just a note: Boundary Bay’s Imperial IPA was my favorite when they still brewed it. Got to go and make up for missing those three other IPA’s…. Trickster eh, I’m on my way!!!!!

  • Russ

    What, no Big Time Scarlet Fire?

  • Steve

    How can you omit Big Red IPA from the Ram?
    One of the best in the NW!

  • Kaiser

    Russ: Yeah, I wasn’t sure which one people would miss more: Scarlet Fire or Bhagwan’s Best. Should have just included them both (was trying to limit to one per brewery…not sure why really). Both are great beers obviously.

    Ryan: I dig Avatar, too. But, that doesn’t fall into the “standard” IPA category. More going on there than just hops and malt.

    Steve: Big Red could have definitely made the list…haven’t had it in a long time and will make sure to revisit it.

    While I didn’t think anyone would be surprised by the top few results we’ll see, I’m really looking to see how the rest of the top ten or so breaks out.

  • where is gallaghers

    we are a brewery as well as a brew on premise we were # 5 in tokens collested at Washington state brewers fest. serving White knuckle IPA

  • Bob Maphet

    So I can’t help myself. Diamond Knot was brewing an IPA long before it became as fashionable as it has become today.

  • Kris

    Birdsview Brewing Co’s IPA

  • JJ

    Coming soon Foggy Noggin Brewing’s Hangin Rufus – English IPA. This one should be on the list.

  • ethan.john

    i’m a bit disappointed to see Elysian so high on this list. their IPA has very little hop character compared to many others on the list, but the bitterness is extremely pronounced (as if they put all their hops in at the beginning of an extended boil).

    i’ll second the big time scarlet fire, though i think their Meerkat is the best IPA they make.

    boundary bay, though — very glad to see that on top. 🙂

  • Absolut1331

    Gallagher’s Where-you-brew makes the only IPA I can drink, smooth and flavorful but not too bitter. My “other” vote is for Gallagher’s White knuckle IPA!

  • Scott E

    Gallaghers’ Where-U-Brew in Edmonds has several IPAs that are better than those listed here. Joe’s Madness IPA is my favorite of the bunch.

  • Lee

    Birdsview Brewing Company’s IPA

  • Ian

    Diamond Knot was amazing about 10 years ago. Not sure what changed when but I used to get so excited when it appeared at the 74th. And then, it was just good. I preferred Scarlet Fire to Baghwan’s, but not by a lot. FishTale gets my vote, though. It’s always great.

  • Jesse

    Interesting to see which beers are outperforming their limited distribution, and which beers are underperforming their market share.

    Re: Big Time, Yeah I think Scarlett Fire is a touch better too, it’s certainly the “hoppier” of the duo.

    Any more Gallagher’s employees left to post?

  • P. Fruit Trees

    Rock Bottom “Bellevue” Hop Bomb, Walla Walla IPA (no not Mill Creek Brewpub, the other guy) are missing from the list. I will vote above my choices.

  • john

    I second the “what, no Big Time Scarlet Fire?” comment. I also love Maritime’s Imperial (whatever they are calling it now). Used to think Elysian’s jasmine IPA (Avatar?) was the best, but I swear it has changed dramatically (far less jasmine, more normal, albeit good, ipa taste).

  • Kaiser

    Hey Paul – the RB Bellevue Hop Bomb is on there…I even voted for it!

    I wonder if Big Time pours more of Scarlet Fire or Bhagwan’s?

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  • P. Fruit Trees *getting glasses

    Stand corrected. Sheesh too much beer goings-0n this month and last month. Thanks for pointing that one out.


  • John Cruden

    Scuttlebutt is the best

  • Karinn

    Fish Brewing Co.’s Organic IPA is a pleasant
    surprise, not so much in your face,
    just enough of the Pacific Gem hops to
    sate your quest for a hoppy beer.

  • sean

    It’s counting our network as a single person. Only one person in our office could vote even though we have different ip’s.
    I guess we should be working instead of voting…

  • janet

    i cannot access the voting.
    please advise

  • Kaiser

    Sean – wish I could help…but no idea how to change the poll software to change how it counts users. If you want to post another comment with your favorites, we can at least see them there.

    Janet – maybe someone else at your home has already voted? Could be the same problem Sean is having above.

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  • Rick Green

    Went down to Seattle for the weekend to catch the Mariner’s game as an excuse to drink beer. The boys and I decided to sample the top three in situ: Boundary Bay (Chinook, IPA, DIPA) at Boundary Bay, Elysian Immortal (cask) at Elysian Fields, and Diamond Knot in Mukilteo. I found Boundary Bay to be the clear winner of the three. The other two were surprisingly disappointing. I’ve had cask Elysian Immortal at The Whip in Vancouver, brought up personally by Dick Cantwell, and it was stunning. With the luck of the draw, I guess I drew two short straws.

  • Crystal

    The Imperial IPA at Boundary Bay is awesome! The only to ‘hold a candle’ to Skagit River Brewery’s Sculler’s which is my alltime fave and has yet to be beaten IMO.

  • Jud Sherwood

    The Chinook IPA at Boundary Bay has taken me away from the ordinarily excellent IPA. I hope they make more. I recently had the trifecta opportunity to have the IPA, Chinook, and the Imperial all in one sitting.

  • Kaiser

    Rick & Jud – I’m officially jealous of the trifecta of IPAs you both sampled at BB….almost worth a trip up there this weekend just for that!

  • Arthur

    Steve, I’ve never had the IPA from the Ram but I’ll tell you this, the food there is so bad I’m sorry to admit that I’ve actually ate there twice. Their food is bad enough to sink any legitimate consideration for any IPA in any pole.

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