Where to Grab a Good Beer in the AC?

July 29th, 2009 · 6 Comments · Uncategorized

As I’m working from home and watching my thermostat creep towards 90 degrees in the house I thought it might be useful to start a thread so that readers/owners/brewers etc…can post about quality bars/brewpubs/etc.. that will have the AC cranked up this evening and for the next few days to come. I don’t exactly have to pay attention to these types of things, usually. But, since we’re set to likely break 100 around here today…it suddenly seems quite important.

The first place that comes to mind is Brouwer’s tonight for their Great Scots! event (see previous post). I believe that I read their AC will be set on 72…

I’ve also read or been told that Beveridge Place Pub and Big Time Brewing both have AC.

Hell, maybe most bars around here have good AC; I frankly have no idea. Usually, it’s nice enough with moderate temperatures around here that bars are able to keep their doors open with a nice breeze coming in. That won’t do it today.

Any suggestions?

Thanks to dollar39 on Flickr for the screen shot.


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  • gcm

    uber was nice and cool last night, and they also had some refreshing barleywines on tap.

  • Jason

    We hopped the light rail to Collins Pub last night. Super easy trip from Beacon Hill near the station.


  • Elvis

    the attic in madison park has AC, plus a big ass lake to cool yourself off after a pint.

    bet bev place pub would be perfect tonight.

  • Drew

    I have 3 thermometers at home. Each say 108!! As the house got up to 90 inside, I had to leave. Currently enjoying a Fire Rock Pale Ale at Kona Kai Coffee in Kent.

  • KSJ

    Going to the West5 tonight. Not the best beer bar per se, but they do have Chimay, Manny’s, Vitamin R and Schooner Exact 3Grid on tap (amongst a few others). They also have cool refreshing A/C and kickass sandwiches. We plan to hang at the bar for five or six hours. Maybe seven.

    Then tomorrow, it’s Pillagers for Skip’s new beer, followed by the Bev for Ninkasi brewers night. Mmmmm, hops.

  • SeattleBeerTender

    Last night, I did the pub, and a few other places, it was funny watching people’s older than time AC units go on overload. Tonight, working the Ninkasi night here @ BPP. Wish I were off work. Aside from all the great Ninkasi beers, we’ve got Hitachino XH Sour Brown. I want one. Dang.

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