Hey You Geuze! Plus, Events Tonight

August 18th, 2009 · 3 Comments · Events, General Beer News

Seriously, I love the Goonies. This post highlighting 8 made-up Goonies-themed beers over at Twin Beer is truly genious in my eyes. I think I’d have to go with the “Truffle Shuffle Stout” or “Hey You Geuze!” as my favorite. Now, one of the Astoria breweries just has to take the idea and run with it. Actually, I recall from my last visit that either Chris at Fort George or Bolt at Astoria Brewing mentioned that they would be creating some special Goonies beers for next year’s 25th Anniversary celebration to be held in Astoria. I just may have to head down for that one. For those of you that are a bit older/younger and don’t get the appeal of the movie, many people my age grew up on this movie. I’ve probably seen it at least 200 times. I remember when I was young I’d spend the night at my friend Brian’s house and we’d watch it in the middle of the night, and we’d turn up the volume on the TV as loud as it would go whenever a swear word was coming. Yeah, we were that cool. When my friend Tim came to visit me here in Seattle a few years ago, we decided to drive to Astoria and back in one day just to see the Goonies house and Cannon Beach…not because it’s beautiful, but because it is where the Goonies was filmed.

Don’t forget that tonight is the Reunion ’09 launch at Elysian Capitol Hill starting at 5pm. There is also a Leavenworth brewers night at Naked City starting at 7pm…why not hit them both?!

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