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BrewDog Atlantic IPA
Alcohol by Volume: 8.5%

Intro: I’ve been wanting to try something from the adventurous brewery known as BrewDog, from Scotland, for quite a while now. Local bottle shops stock several of their beers, but this Atlantic IPA is a limited release.

Details: 12oz bottle. Pours a medium copper with thin head. Lightly roasted caramel malts in the aroma. Very malt-forward IPA with a base of caramel, light oak, a little citrus fruit and a substantial, long lasting hop bitterness to finish. Shines with its balance and layers of malt. Medium bodied and drinks quite smoothly. I admit that when it comes to IPAs, I prefer the hop-forward American variety. But, this is nice representation of a strong English IPA.

Verdict: Buy it, if you can find it.
Availability: The press release says that there were only 960 bottles of this in the US, so it might be pretty hard to come by. Worth trying if you can find it, though. Because of its high price, you’ll be smart to share a bottle to cut the cost.

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Commercial Description/Press Release:

Beer was never meant to be bland, tasteless and apathetic. BrewDog ( has revolutionized the beer market in the UK by breaking rules, upsetting trends, unsettling institutions and first and foremost creating great tasting beers. This fall, BrewDog is bringing the most ambitious brew by any drinks brand to the United States – the Atlantic IPA, the first commercially available, genuine sea-aged IPA in over two centuries.

BrewDog co-founder James Watt received an 1856 “Brewers Handbook” as a gift which contained an original IPA recipe and provided inspiration for Atlantic IPA. As a modern homage to traditional Indian Pale Ales, the Atlantic IPA spent two months aging aboard Watt’s mackerel trawler in the North Atlantic. The incredible journey involved a tense barrel-rescue-mission, beatings from force ten storms, 60 foot waves and encounters with killer whales. You can view the Atlantic IPA voyage online at Upon safe return to dry land, the IPA was bottle conditioned and is now available in limited quantities in the United States for $25.99 per 330ml.

Made from a 150 year old recipe, the Atlantic IPA is bursting with malt character; biscuit, toast, caramel, pirate ship oak, salt and tobacco. Hints of honey, pine and vanilla are also lurking in the depths of the palate. The generous use of English hops adds a substantial kick to the forefront of the nose and mouth with a smooth slick spicy, earthy herbal quality and a lingering woody bitterness in the finish. You should be so lucky to crack open a bottle of the Atlantic IPA – there are only 960 bottles in the United States.

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