Where Are the WA Fresh Hop Beers? Plus, Snipes Takes 1st in Yakima

October 13th, 2009 · 15 Comments · Washington Breweries

After this past weekend trip to Portland where I sampled about 27 different OR fresh hop beers, I’ve been wondering where I can head out to try some of the WA breweries’ takes on the style. I haven’t seen a bunch around, but to be honest I haven’t been out to Seattle watering holes too much in the past couple of weeks.

If anyone has input on what/where Washington fresh hop beers are available, I’d really appreciate it if you can post here or shoot me an email with information. Even if you don’t know where one is pouring, but you know of a brewery that made one this year I’d love to hear about it. There just isn’t a magical central list anywhere that I know of.

I’d especially like to try the Snipes Harvest Ale, which recently took 1st place at the Yakima Fresh Hop Ale Fest blind judging. Sierra Nevada Harvest Wet Hop took 2nd place, and Laughing Dog Hop Dog (last year’s winner) took 3rd.


List of WA Fresh Hop Beers: (with possible availability if known)

Snipes Mountain Harvest Ale (According to a tip, it’s at Malt & Vine currently)
Issaquah Brewhouse Fresh Hoppy Frog (Naked City Taphouse)
Big Al Harvest Ale (Naked City Taphouse)
Two Beers Fresh Hop 2009 (Naked City Upcoming Taplist)
Iron Horse Fresh Hop Loco Imperial Red (Naked City Upcoming Taplist)
Anacortes Imperial Fresh Hop Rye (Naked City Upcoming Taplist)
Rock Bottom Bellevue Fresh Hop Ale (Not sure of the name or if it’s on tap?)
Elliott Bay Harvest Ale (Still listed as on tap) – I really enjoyed this one; they had a few others I missed

Well, I think that’s all I know of so far. What am I missing?

Added from comments/emails:

Ice Harbor Brewing Company (Available at brewery)
Walla Walla Brewers
Yakima Craft Brewers

Walking Man Brewing

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  • Ben

    I was going to mention Big Al’s, but you got that – Though I do have a different source.


    They’re selling it by the growler.

  • Patrick

    > Where Are the WA Fresh Hop Beers?

    My apartment. 🙂 Ok, maybe not what you were looking for but I made a wet-hopped Fuggles IPA with Fuggles grown in a home garden in South Seattle. Not sure if it’s any good yet though, since it’s not finished bottle conditioning – I’ll know next week.

  • Alex

    And which Fresh Hop beers are available in bottles?

    The only ones I can find lately are:

    Sierra Nevada Estate Ale
    Deschutes Hop Trip
    Victory Hop Wallop

  • Kaiser

    Patrcik – I’m jealous…hope it turns out well!

    Alex – Sierra and Deschutes for sure, but the Victory Hop Wallop isn’t a fresh hop beer. We usually see fresh hop bottles from Port Brewing and Great Divide as well. Probably more, but can’t think of any off the top of my head.

  • Bill (It's Pub Night)

    Geoff: Walking Man has a nice one. Too bad Hale’s Harvest doesn’t have fresh hops this year.

    Alex: Bottles I’ve seen in Portland: Bridgeport Hop Harvest, Rogue Chatoe Wet-Hop, Silver Moon (Bend, OR) Hoppopotamus, and Hopworks Bike Beer (apparently has some fresh hops in it).

  • Kaiser

    Ah, figures Walking Man has a good one. The Seattle market sadly isn’t seeing much of them these days.

  • Elvis

    “Ah, figures Walking Man has a good one. The Seattle market sadly isn’t seeing much of them these days.”


  • Kaiser

    Elvis – well played:-)

  • Yuppers

    Hales had a fresh hop ale served on cask at the brewery pub when I was there about two weeks ago. No idea if it’s still available, though.

  • Kaiser

    Hey Yuppers – are you sure it was a fresh hop beer? I expect it was their O’Brien’s Harvest Ale, which I enjoy, but it is not made with fresh wet hops this year (it was in the past).

  • Russ

    Iron Horse Fresh Hop Loco Imperial Red (Naked City Upcoming Taplist)

    Damn, hopefully I can get up there and try this when it’s on. The regular Loco Red is a red ale favorite of mine, second only to Lagunitas IRA…

  • Elvis

    i have noticed a decided diff in the Hale’s Harvest Ale this year, and not for the better. Still good, but not hoppy good.

    i’ve enjoyed the two beers quite a bit.

    any good tapping going on next week? wife and child are out of town for a bit, so it’s bachelorhood for a few days.

  • Ian

    Fresh hops on at Brouwers right now:
    iron horse loco & ipa
    & rogue

  • Elvis

    thanks, Ian.

    i had the Rogue Wet Hop in a bottle and thought it was ok. I tried both the Sierra fresh hops in the 24 oz bottle and thought the Estate was much better. The 9-22 Pliny is very good as well

  • Patrick

    FYI, Sierra Nevada wet-hop Harvest ale just showed up in Whole Foods (Westlake) this week. $5 24oz bottle. It was ranked #2 at the Yakima hop festival but was my #1 favorite (I liked it better than Snipes Harvest Ale, which the judges ranked #1).

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