Bon Appétit’s Top Ten “Artisanal” Canned Beers

December 16th, 2009 · 2 Comments · Beer Reviews, California Beer, Oregon Breweries

Cheers to Heather John and Bon Appétit magazine for putting together a well thought out list of their top ten craft beers available in cans. I believe only four of them are available in Seattle, but from what I’ve had of the others they are very worthy. I love it when national publications do their research and put out a solid list of “top beers”. All lists like this are obviously subjective, but it seems like most of these are hard to argue with.

Please see the article for the full top ten list and their thoughts on each.

Beers from the list available in Seattle:
Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale – The classic pale ale from CO that is the most identifiable canned craft beer out there. You can’t go wrong with this one.

Caldera IPA– This is an outstanding hoppy IPA when fresh. If you’ve passed this Oregon brew up in the past due to it being in a can, you need to give it a chance.

21st Amendment Brew Free! or Die IPA – We started getting this one in Seattle earlier this year. The first couple cans I tried were disappointing, but the quality seems to have improved. Very worthy if it’s tasting like it should.

New Belgium Fat Tire – One of the most popular craft beers on the market is available in cans.

Other beers from the list I have tried and wish were available in Seattle:
Maui Brewing CoCoNut Porter – I love coconut porters, and this one is pretty darn good.

Surly Brewing CynicAle– This Minnesota brewery cans several quality beers. The CynicAle is a saison of sorts. I enjoyed it, but I’d rather have their Furious, which is a stellar IPA.

Sly Fox Pikeland Pils– I tried this pils at the PA brewery a few years ago, as well as in 2007 at GABF when it won a gold medal. When it comes to American craft pilsners, the Sly Fox and the Victory Prima Pils (also from PA) are two of the best.

Brooklyn Lager – This popular lager is widely available out East (as well as up in Vancouver), but I have only tried it once or twice.

Beers from the list I have not tried but would love to:
Buckbean Brewing Black Noddy Lager
New England Brewing Elm City Lager

On a side-note, I’m really not a fan of the word “artisanal” when it comes to beer. First, it was microbrew. Now, it’s craft. But, sometimes, it’s artisanal. Can’t we just decide? I’m sticking with craft. I realize “artisanal” can be used to describe many things. I just think “craft” tells us enough when it comes to beer.

Thanks to SarahMcD on Flickr for the photo link.

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  • Kevin

    That’s actually not a bad list.

    I think my list would be (in no perticular order):
    Surly Brewing – SurlyFest
    Surly Brewing – Furious
    Oskar Blues – Ten Fidy
    Oskar Blues – Gordon
    Caldera – Ashland Amber
    Anderson Valley – Poleeko
    21st Amendment – Hell of High Watermelon
    Uncommon Brewers – Siamese Twin Ale
    Sly Fox – Pikeland Pils
    Big Sky – Trout Slayer


  • cougarbob

    Don’t forget Simpler Times Lager in can from your local Trader Joe’s!

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