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December 21st, 2009 · 3 Comments · Beer Travels, Washington Breweries

Kevin Pierce of Anacortes at the Winter Beer Festival

Kevin Pierce of Anacortes at the Winter Beer Festival

An excursion up north for a night of winter camping with friends at Deception Pass State Park this past weekend was a perfect excuse to stop by the Anacortes Brewery & Rockfish Grill. It was just a quick stop for lunch and a couple of beers, and I don’t have any mind-blowing news to share or anything. I just wanted to reiterate how much I love this brewery!

The Anacortes IPA became a favorite of mine last year, and a taste of my friend’s pint of the cask version on this trip reminded me of just why I love it so much. We also tried several seasonal/special releases: an oak aged Belgian Sour, Dark Side IPA, Imperial Stout, Noel Winter Ale, and a Klosterbier. All of these were very enjoyable, but the Klosterbier and the Dark Side IPA shined the most for me; we gladly filled a couple of growlers with those for the campsite.

That area of the state has several visit-worthy breweries (Skagit, Flyers and La Conner come to mind). If you’ve got some time off during the holidays, maybe it’s about time you set up a little day trip to visit them. If you do, make sure not to miss Anacortes. Cheers to brewer Kevin Pierce and the rest of his team. Keep the great brews coming!


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  • Russ

    I was surprised at how much they charged for a growler fill of IPA…. but yeah, other than that, awesome brewery!!!

  • Kaiser

    Yeah, they have several really cheap growler fills ($6 for the Klosterbier, Winter Ale, and several others), but then I think it was about $16 for regular IPA, Dark Side IPA, Imperial Stout and a few others.
    Not sure why the regular IPA is on the more expensive list…

  • Pat

    “Not sure why the regular IPA is on the more expensive list…”

    more hops + more barley = more expensive to brew…that’s my guess anyway

    its about time all the IPA regulars stop pinching off the rest of us more selective IPA drinkers…haha (sort of )

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