Rogue to Downsize XS Series Bottles

December 8th, 2009 · 8 Comments · General Beer News, Oregon Breweries

Per, Rogue will soon downsize their XS Series of beers (Imperial Stout, Imperial IPA, Old Crusty, etc…) to 7-ounce bottles. While they used to distribute these beers in small bottles, in recent years they had moved to ceramic 750ml bottles for their XS beers, which helped to drive their price out of many consumers’ range. While the new volume price may not be much different in the new format (no idea), Rogue is betting that more people will likely be willing to shell out less $ overall for a small bottle.

I think it’s fantastic. I was just speaking with someone this weekend about how ridiculous it can be to drink even an entire 22oz bottle yourself of many beers that are on the market these days. If you often fly solo when you drink, these smaller bottles are perfect. Even for those that share, all you often need of a big beer is a few ounces to sample it.

Cheers to Rogue for making this switch.

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  • Patrick

    Agree, the only sad thing is that the new bottles probably won’t have flip tops like some of the XS 22ozers had. Those flip tops are super useful to homebrewers. I may have to go out and pick some up before they disappear.

  • Pollack

    I disagree. While I do not like the price of the ceramic 22oz., I do like the size. Just means I will end up paying more for 3 7oz. to get the 22 (21) I was getting before.

  • elvis

    i think the trend toward $10+ 22oz bottles has gotten a bit out of hand. i’m ok with the 699-799 bottles, but i think charging 12 for less than 2 beers is outrageous, and gating in terms of consumption. I’d much prefer the smaller doses for these “extreme” beers.

  • Kim Sharpe Jones

    I think it’s odd to go from 22 oz to 7 oz. What’s wrong with good old fashioned 6-packs of 12-oz bottles? I think that if more local craft beer was available in 6-packs, more people would choose local craft beer at the grocery store.

  • Kaiser

    First off, just want to reiterate that Rogue used ceramic 750ml bottles (25oz) for the XS series, not 22oz bottles.

    Pollack – I can definitely see some people having that opinion. But, many others have no desire to pay $15 (about what they charge for these now?) for a 750ml, but might gladly pay $5 for a 7oz bottle just to get a small sample. I rarely have a need for 25oz of any single high-octane beer these days, even when splitting it.

    Kim – a change to 12oz bottles from the 750ml bottles would have been just as welcome, but I’d still prefer the smaller 7oz for these high ABV beers myself.
    As for six-packs…you’d be talking about a $40 six-pack of these beers at the average volume price from a $15 750ml beer! Too much for my blood!

  • elvis

    in defense of Kim’s point, Dogfish Head does bottle extreme beers in 4 packs and sells them for $15. not saying i think that’s the right approach.

    really, this is marketing by Rogue, pure and simple. An attempt to create a premium brand (on top of a good one) with exclusive, rare occasion beers.

  • Pat

    i like rougue beers (and they have an awesome brewery/pub down in newport, definitely worth a stop) but they are way overpriced

  • Jeff Alworth

    Count me among those who think this is great. I never know what to do with a 22 ounce bottle of 10% beer. I am getting too old to drink four beers in a sitting (the equivalent alcohol)–and anyway, some of these beers are too big and complex to drink the whole thing. It’s like eating a whole cake. A 7-ounce bottle is ideal, and I always wondered why the discontinued that practice.

    (And while the 7-ounce bottle will cost more per ounce, the absolute cost will be a lot lower–which means I’ll actually buy them.)

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