Dear Hair of the Dog: I Love You

January 14th, 2010 · 6 Comments · Oregon Breweries

I’ve proclaimed my love for Hair of the Dog Brewing more than a few times on this blog. But, I just can’t help myself tonight.

Amy at Collins Pub just dug a 2004 Doggie Claws out of their beer fridge and poured it for me, and drinking it just makes me think about how freaking amzing this brewery really is. Their beers frequently just destroy the borders of beer styles and define something completely new. Whether it’s Adam, Fred, Doggie Claws, Michael, BOB, Blue Dot, or some other treasure, drinking a Hair of the Dog beer can be an eye-opening experience.

I recently saw a thread on where someone posted looking for some help: “I have a friend going to Portland and he’s going to send me back a Styrofoam shipper that holds nothing but 12oz bottles. What should he send?” Most of the answers were something like this: “Have your friend call up Alan at HOTD and fill that shipper with nothing but 12oz brews from them.” There is a lot of great beer in Portland, but I completely agree. HOTD is one-of-a-kind, and we’re lucky to have them around.

Oh, this 2004 Doggie Claws? The five or six years of age have done fantastic things. Smoke, caramel, vanilla, and dark fruit mix together for a glass of pure goodness. Moderate sweetness, and still a decent bitterness to finish after all these years. Just a masterpiece. No negative oxidation at all. Still a strong barleywine with lots going on.

Cheers, Hair of the Dog. You make me happy.


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  • Erik

    Makes me jealous, Geoff. I’m home drinking a ’09 bourbon barrel Santa’s Little Helper from Port, and, Surprise, Surprise, NO CARBONATION. They really screwed the Pooch this year with that in all their beers. First Angel’s Share, now this. Lets hope next year isn’t a repeat…

    Enjoy your beer, It’s mighty tasty…

  • Myke J

    Erica at The Collins poured me a 2005 HOTD Rose Cassis on Wednesday night. It was quite simply amazing. I can’t wait to have another.

  • Aaron

    Ain’t Amy the best?

  • Pollack


  • Kaiser

    Erik – that’s too bad about the Bourbon Santa’s. Sounds like it should be a fantastic beer. Unfortunately, I had a similar experience with an ’09 Doggie Claws about a month back. Sounds like many of the “blue cap” 09 bottles have zilch for carbonation. It was a shell of what it should be…

    And Aaron – yep, Amy is the best!

  • John

    I was lucky enough to take part in a vertical tasting of Doggie Claws at a friend’s house last summer. The crown jewel was an entire magnum of ’04, which was indeed fantastic.

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