Pliny the Younger Pours in Seattle + Bottleworks 11th Anniversary Release Date

February 16th, 2010 · 13 Comments · Beer Releases, California Beer

Seth pours some lucky drinker a Pliny the Younger at Collins Pub. They blew through their 1/6 barrel keg in about 20 minutes on Friday. Thanks to +Russ for the photo. Check out more of his stuff by clicking on the pic.

The coveted Russian River Pliny the Younger rolled into Seattle this past week, and a few bars have already drained their kegs it sounds like. Collins Pub poured their supply in just 20 minutes on Friday, and it sounds like Quinn’s tapped theirs on Saturday.

It looks like Bottleworks will have their annual anniversary release on Wednesday, February 24. They’ll be releasing the special blend of barrel-aged stouts they put together with Big Sky Brewing of Montana, and there are usually additional selections of rarities broken out from the cellar.

In addition to the bottle release, it sounds like BW intends to pour a keg of Pliny the Younger for their anniversary as well. So, if you haven’t tried it yet you can kill two birds with one stone on the 24th if you’re willing to fight the crowds.

If anyone else knows about Pliny releases in Seattle, feel free to post and let all the thirsty hop-heads know.

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  • dave

    Brouwer’s tonight – not sure of the time, but I’ve heard 5:00-6:00 pm. (Sorry, that’s not all that helpful.)

  • Don Webb

    We will be tapping Pliny the Younger at Naked City Brewery & Taphouse today, Feb 16 at 5:00pm

  • Patrick

    Collin’s ran out in 20 minutes?? Now I’m worried Naked City will run out before I can get there tonight.
    A 1/6 barrel keg is 5 gallons… assuming they were serving ~10 oz glasses (since this is a 11% beer), and granting that maybe 40 oz was lost to tapping, overfill, etc (taking an upper bound here) that means they served 60 people in 20 minutes. 3 pours per minute, or about 15 seconds per pour plus 5 seconds to grab a glass and turn on the tap.
    I guess that’s possible. The bar must have been mobbed though.

  • beer

    Quinns tapped theirs on Sat @ 4:00. Nice manageable crowd. Not a mob scene by any means… but by the time I finished mine @ ~ 4:40, it was gone.

  • urban beer hiker

    Just confirmed that Brouwer’ Cafe will NOT have Pliny the Younger tonight.

  • Devlin

    UBH – Their twitter feed says Younger, Elder, Damnation and Supplication all on at 5pm.

  • urban beer hiker

    I guess talking to the person talking to the manager is not confirmation. You have to talk to the manager. Or you just have to sit down and shut up.

  • roscifer

    Brouwers indeed have it. For 23 min. Naked city tapped out in six min! Attention Vinnie: your customers request more next year

  • Russ

    Wow, those tap out times are crazy…. and Elder is so much better, just saying……

  • Dean Ruffner

    Hot off of Twitter: Pliny the Younger will be tapped today at 5:30 pm at Malt and Vine in Redmond.

  • Dean Ruffner

    Correction to previous post: Thursday, Malt and Vine will tap Pliny the Younger at 5:30pm.

    Punctuation is a real key when utilizing Twitter.

  • Pollack

    Had my 2nd fresh Pliny in Philly today. Thank god the East Coast (well, only Philly) gets this stuff.

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