Beer Junction to Open in West Seattle

March 19th, 2010 · 5 Comments · General Beer News

Another beer-focused bottle shop looks set to open in Seattle. The West Seattle Blog broke the news that the Beer Junction hopes to open at 4702 42nd SW in West Seattle by the July 4th holiday this summer. Check out the whole article (and the 60+ user comments!) on the West Seattle Blog, but here is a quick excerpt:

We subsequently tracked down and spoke with Morgan Herzog, who plans to turn the space into The Beer Junction: “This will be a specialty beer store. We’ll be focusing on beers all around the world, with an extra focus on beers of the Northwest, local beers … we’ll also probably have a small selection of wine and cigars, but that’s not really our big focus.”

This is good news for West Seattle residents, but it means more competition for the rest of Seattle’s bottle shops. I believe this will be the sixth beer-focused retailer in Seattle proper (Big Star, Bottleworks, Full Throttle, Pike St., & Beer Authority are the others), not to mention the grocery stores and some wine shops that have a great selection. As consumers, more choices is a good thing. One hopes that there is enough demand to go around for all of these shops to survive, though.


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  • Diane

    Seattle is a big city. Having a specialty beer store on the island of W.Seattle is not going to be much competition for Bottleworks a half hour away deep in Wallingford.

  • Tiffany

    Oh, but there IS competition to receive limited products, as implied in the final line of the post. Let’s all hope the breweries with limited-release small-batch beer realize there is an increase in both stores and beer-afficianados in our market and send a few extra cases to accommodate both new and existing establishments.

  • ilikebeer

    I think it’ll fly. I know tons of people, in every neighborhood, that DONT want to fight north end traffic, boeing after work traffic, or go anywhere NEAR wallingford and pay Bottleworks prices, or deal with the elitists that work there. opening one in a neighborhood where tons of people drink great beer (west seattle is one of those) is a great idea! More than the other bottle shops, I wonder how the grocery stores (who, in west seattle have a fantastic selection) will react. (price cutting? yay for us, bad for bottle shops)

  • elvis

    a nice little dig at bottleworks. in general, i don’t find their prices overly excessive since it’s on par with what i see elsewhere, but i do find their staff less and less friendly and knowledgeable. they used to have a guy there who was super cool, friendly, and engaging for the novice to the uber beerd. now they all appear bothered, and in love with speed metal

  • k2

    it will bring competition to full throttle, which is needed since their prices are quite steep.

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