Grab A Beer: Oskar Blues Gubna Imperial IPA

March 24th, 2010 · 5 Comments · Beer Reviews

Oskar Blues Gubna Imperial IPA
Alcohol by Volume: 10.0%
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Intro: A 10.0% ABV Imperial IPA with 100 IBUs isn’t something you expect to find in a can every day. But, it should be no surprise that Gubna is brought to you by the canned craft beer pioneers at Oskar Blues Brewery, located in Lyons, Colorado.

Description: Pours a light copper with medium head. The aroma is dominated by pungent weed and citrus hop flavors that really pop out of the glass. The taste starts off with a moderately sweet, resinous malt base and builds with intense hop flavors that match the aroma. It seems balanced pretty well at first, but after a few sips the bitterness really outweighs the malt. Overall, it is a nice IPA, but I was glad I split the can. I couldn’t see myself drinking more than one of these like I could some other strong IPAs. My favorite aspect is the beautiful aroma, but the combo of resinous malt and extreme bitterness just isn’t my preference in an Imperial IPA. Drink this one fresh.

Verdict: Worth Trying
Availability: 12oz cans and four-packs will be widely-available through early summer

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Commercial Description/Press Release:

Emphasizing that complexity of character can arise from simple elements, this ale is made with three malts and one hop. Its light amber color and slightly spicy malt character are derived from the use of German Dark Munich Malt and Rye Malt respectively. North American 2-row barley combines with the other grains to lay the foundation for the hop onslaught to come. Summit hops are used exclusively in the boil for bitterness, flavor and aroma but it doesn’t end there. Post-fermentation dry hopping allows the 9.5% ABV monstrosity to gently coax the citrus rind and grapefruit aroma to join the 100 IBUs already present. This beer should greet you with a pungent citrus blast, provide a spicy yet round middle and finish with a brisk, clean bitterness.


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  • +Russ

    *sigh* Such a disappointment. It smells and tastes more like moldy Mexi brick weed….

  • Kaiser

    Does that mean that I like the aroma of moldy Mexi brick weed?

  • Jeanne

    Russ – I agree! Though I couldn’t tell you from personal experience that I know the particular smell and taste of Mexi brick weed, but you will just have to trust me that I agree. It was a bit disappointing, even though I didn’t have any expectations going into it.

  • Ian

    Aaaaand yet another Colorado “IPA” goes down. They try, they really, really do, but they have nothing in the way of Good ol’ west coast IPAs.

  • Joe

    So, in your infinite, and obviously unbiased opinion…. what is the best West Coast IPA???

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