Grab A Beer: Hale’s Seattle Beer Week 2010 Double IPA

April 30th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Beer Reviews, Washington Breweries

Hale’s Seattle Beer Week 2010 Double IPA
Alcohol by Volume: 8.3%

Intro: Following Pike’s inaugural 2009 Seattle Beer Week Double IPA, Hale’s is next up with this year’s 2010 Double IPA. Hale’s is well-known around town for their traditional English-style ales, but in recent years they have become more adventurous, releasing beers such as their Super Goose IPA, Coconut Porter, and a Belgian Dubbel for their anniversary. They found a whole bunch of hops somewhere when they stepped outside of the box for this commemorative beer, and hop-heads around Seattle will reap the benefits.

Description: Pours copper with a big head that sticks around until no beer is left in the glass. A strong pine and grapefruit hop aroma has a touch of malt sweetness as well. The first sip hits you with a complex mix of mainly floral and citrus hop flavors. A blend of resin and light alcohol is present, and while there is considerable malt in here to reach the ABV, it is barely enough to balance. A strong, and almost overwhelming, bitterness seems to last forever. As I continue drinking the bottle, the taste of earthy hops (almost like a fresh hop taste) seems to stick around even when I’m not drinking. There are seriously a ton of hops in this. Fans of a balanced IPA should look elsewhere, but hop-heads will be right at home with this one. Cheers to Hale’s for crafting a double IPA worthy of the Seattle Beer Week title. Drink this fresh.

Verdict: Buy It (If you’re a hop-head)
Availability: Available in 22oz bottles and on draft for a limited time.

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Commercial Description/Press Release:

We do a couple different IPA’s here at Hale’s Ales, Mongoose, Supergoose, Aftermath, and so we were aiming for an IPA that was outside of these flavors. The big feature of this beer is the hops, so naturally we argued first and last about the malt bill. Our target was a rich orange color based around a couple light color malts, Belgian Aromatic and Munich. We also were looking for a strong malt backbone to support a pretty aggressive hop bill, so we incorporated oats to allow for a rich body and mouthfeel. On to hops. Our goal was a blend of Northwest Hops emphasizing floral, citrus and pine characteristics. We did a couple trial batches attempting to dial in the right hop character. We went a little heavy on Columbus in the first batch and ended up with a weird pineapple character. The second batch was dynamite on the flavor, but didn’t quite hit the perfect aroma. Our final batch incorporated Columbus and Magnum in the bittering, Chinook, Cascade and Centennial in the late hop additions, and Centennial, Cascade, Amarillo, Chinook and Simcoe in the dry hop. Late hop additions were 1.6 lbs/bbl. Dry hops were at 1.0 lb/ bbl.
ABV 8.3%
IBU 100

Dave Seiler
Head Brewer
Hale’s Ales .


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