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May 3rd, 2010 · 4 Comments · General Beer News

Especially with Seattle Beer Week coming up, I plan to start using Twitter more often to send out messages about what is going on and what I am doing when an entire blog post is not appropriate. I have not been a very active user on Twitter in the past, but I am going to try and change that a bit going forward.  Twitter is the perfect tool for letting users know what special beers and events are going on around town. If I’m at a bar and they throw something special on tap that hasn’t been advertised, I’ll let Twitter followers know. Plus, I’m sure you’ll get some amusing commentary about my drunk friends every now and then…

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I also recently changed my Twitter account name from “glkaiser” to “SeattleBeerNews” so that it is easier for people to find and follow me.

I have been using Facebook to alert readers of new posts and other random news for some time now, and you should join the 1,500+ fans of Seattle Beer News if you have not yet. If you are not on Facebook at all yet, you should be. If you have not heard, it really is more than just a fad (It took me a while to come around). It is a great tool that the craft brewing industry has really run with. Plus, you can “hide” all of the things (and people) that annoy you.

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  • edot

    you should sync your tweets to facebook too, then you’re (we’re) double covered for any tweets or FB posts!

  • Bill Night

    To expand on edot’s comment: I actually stopped following you on Twitter because your tweets came from facebook. So when I clicked on the link for new blog posts, I got taken to facebook and then had to click again.

    It might work better to turn it around and make the tweets become your facebook status.

  • Frank Belson

    I swear, the next person who tells me I NEED facefuck or twatter, is going to get beaten. I live my life quite happily without these “tools” of life.

  • Kaiser

    Frank – duly noted. Glad blogs aren’t too far out of your realm, though:-)

    edot/Bill – I’ll take a look at the best way to merge them. I already disconnected the feed from Facebook to Twitter just now.

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