Grab A Beer: Leinenkugel’s Classic Amber

May 6th, 2010 · 4 Comments · Beer Reviews

Leinenkugel’s Classic Amber
Alcohol by Volume: 4.9%
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Intro: This one is for all of you Midwesterners. Leinenkugel’s is a Wisconsin tradition and is widely available across the Midwest (90% of production is sold in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa and Michigan). But, it has been available in limited quantities here in Seattle for a few years now. For you East Coasters, the reputation of “Leinie’s” is probably the equivalent of the Yuengling many of you know and love. Beware: “Classic Amber” is misleading. This is not an amber ale; it is a lager.

Description: Pours a dark golden (I guess you can call it light amber) with large white head that sticks around. Taste is a clean, lightly sweet caramel malt that is unoffensive. Not a lot of taste, but more than your average pale lager. No hop flavor and just a light balancing bitterness. I asked a few people what they like about it, and their response was pretty much, “It’s just good.” Well, fair enough, I guess. This makes for a fine gateway beer to the wonderful world of craft beer, but I’ve got to assume that most of the people buying it here in Seattle are those that are nostalgic for their Madison, Wisconsin college days. There is really nothing that makes it stick out from the pack, and you can do better in these parts. That said, it isn’t awful either.

Verdict: Grab one if you are at a party and it is free.

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Commercial Description/Press Release:

A 100 percent malted lager, “Leinie’s Classic” features Leinenkugel’s own unique blend of two-row and six-row malts and four varieties of hops. A blend of Pale, Caramel, and Munich malts offer a complex flavor, with four different hops (Cluster, Cascade, Mt. Hood, and Hallertau) to balance the malts. Acknowledging their German heritage, Leinenkugel’s brewed Classic Amber in Reinheitsgebot tradition, where the only ingredients permitted are malts, water, hops, and yeast.


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  • John C

    It’s mildly ironic that it’s “Classic” amber, since it’s their newest beer.

    I’m one of those midwest transplants, and the Leinie’s brewery was actually the first one I ever visited. You’ve got it just right, at least as far as I’m concerned – given the astounding craft beer quality here in Seattle, I’d buy it out of nostalgia only. I feel like a good PacNW comparison is Henry Weinhard’s, though I haven’t lived here long enough to know for sure. It’s a step above the macrobrews at the grocery store, but there are many many better options available.

    That said, Leinie’s Sunset Wheat and Creamy Dark are both pretty good.

  • Pat

    ahhh, leinie’s, that takes me back,

    the red is pretty good too

  • Kristin

    I am from South Dakota and love Leinie’s. My favorite is Honey Weiss…mmmm Rate your favorite beers on, another beer blog.
    I lived in NC for a few years and requested Leinie’s at Wine Warehouse, and they brought it in! Now it’s a huge hit. I’m sure I’m not the only reason why they started stocking it, but when I tell the story, it is. lol

  • Tiffany

    South-end folks can find Leinie’s at 99 Bottles in Federal Way; look in door #1 for Sunset Wheat, Honey Weisse, Classic Amber, and Original, plus their current seasonal release Summer Shandy.

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