Grab A Beer: Firestone Walker Union Jack IPA

July 14th, 2010 · 10 Comments · Beer Reviews, California Beer

Firestone Walker Union Jack IPA
Alcohol by Volume: 7.5%
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Intro: It’s amazing the buzz that surrounds Russian River Pliny the Elder, while Firestone Walker Union Jack sits back in the shadows a little bit. Both IPAs are new to the Seattle market in the past year or two. Pliny is a great beer. But, so is Union Jack. Union Jack beat out 133 IPAs for the “American Style IPA” gold medal at last year’s GABF. On a smaller scale, it also took top honors at last year’s Washington IPA Challenge. The biggest difference between the two beers is that you can seemingly buy Union Jack whenever you want to. The benefit of less “buzz”, is that it has become my go-to bottled IPA. As for Pliny? Seattle retailers can’t keep it in stock.

Description: Pours a dark golden copper with thick head. Citrus aroma dominates. Taste is a perfect balance of citrus and pine hops, crystal malts, and a bitterness that never gets too strong but lingers nicely. When fresh, this is as good as any IPA out there. Full of hop flavor, balanced, and ultimately drinkable.What else can I say? It’s a fantastic IPA.

Verdict: Find at all costs
Availability: Widely available in 22oz bottles through the Seattle area.

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Commercial Description/Press Release:

Union Jack is the aggressive IPA that you’ve been searching for. Citrus, pineapple, and a full chewy malt profile finish clean on your palate. Over 70 IBUs and 7.5% alcohol by volume, Union Jack won’t have any problem competing with the big India Pale Ales. A beer true to its origins; deeply hopped and bolstered for a long voyage.


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  • Dean Ruffner

    I saw Union Jack available in sixers at Whole Foods over the weekend.

  • Tim Nichols

    Love that Union Jack! A staple in my fridge.

  • Cheap Beer

    I recon it’s the same Amarillo hops that I drool over in Ninkasi’s Total Domination.

  • blackhook

    Union Jack is a regular tap at Barca on Cap Hill – perfect to go with their live jazz on Thursday nights.

  • beerme

    I’m in love:) i just discovered this awesome IPA in Ocean Shores a few days ago. I pretty much only drink IPA’s and when I tried their(the bar in Ocean Shores) only IPA on tap I was immediately asking the bartender where this beer is from. Dumb young blondie didn’t know. So I took a pic of the tap handle so I wouldn’t forget.
    I guess Whole Foods here I come.

  • kw

    I’ve been buying them at TOP Foods and Haggen.
    Love it!!

  • HopMeister

    I don’t agree with the rewards or the praise. It’s readily available because it’s overly sweet and people round here don’t like it. If you want an overly sweet IPA go local and drink Hales…

  • NW_4_Life

    I think this is a great beer. Unlike Pliny, Firestone uses an English style yeast (very similar to Fuller’s yeast) and does not use any sugar to dry the beer out. Like the last person said, this does leave the beer with some residual malt sweetness, but I still think it’s quaffable and nit cloyingly sweet. These guys use a massive quantity of Cascade and Centennial hops late in the boil and for dry hopping. It costs a lot to make a great IPA!

  • kathrine

    Fred Meyers has Union.

  • Brett in Gig Harbor

    Love the Union Jack. One of my current favorites.

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