Hale’s Alehouse Now Open in Silverdale

July 19th, 2010 · 4 Comments · General Beer News, Washington Breweries

Residents and visitors to the Kitsap Peninsula now have another option when looking for good craft beer. Hale’s Ales recently opened an alehouse in Silverdale, where they offer a full lineup of Hale’s beers in addition to several rotating guest taps for a total of 20 taps to choose from. Located in the Silverdale Mall, the pub is near Silver City Brewery, making the combination of both a logical choice for those looking to explore beer in the area.

Big beer news on the Olympic Peninsula — Hale’s Brewery’s “sister” pub is now open! On July 4th – the same date that Hale’s Ales Brewery originally opened in 1983 – HALE’S ALEHOUSE opened its doors to an eagerly awaiting public in Silverdale. The new pub is set in the heart of the Silverdale Mall, and promises to be a showcase destination for craft ale lovers in that area. There is a full lineup of Hale’s Ales featured (surprise!) and the pub will also have a continuously rotating selection of “guest” taps of premium craft beers. Mike Hale’s thinking is, “It’s a great time to be a beer lover — there are so many new and interesting beers being produced by craft breweries, all the time. I wanted to be able to offer some of this great variety to my alehouse customers. The more that people get to experience the many tremendous products being made these days, the richer the craft ale community will become in general.”

The Alehouse offers seating for 200+ folks, 20 ale taps and more of the great style of pub fare that fans of the Hale’s Brewpub in Seattle have enjoyed since 1995. There are several TV’s for sports fans, large fireplaces for winter coziness and rooms that can be closed off for private group meetings. The location in the Mall promises to lend a whole new meaning to the announcement, “Honey, I need to go over to the Mall for a few hours to do a little … shopping.”

Treat yourself – take a field trip on a ferry boat to the beautiful Olympic Peninsula and check out the new pub — you’ll be glad you did.


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  • NickS

    While I’m happy that Hale’s is doing well, and has opened a new pub, I’m disappointed to read that it is located “in the heart of the Silverdale Mall” and has TVs for sports watching.

    You know when you’re opening an independent pub, but that when you can replace the name of your pub with “TGIFriday’s” or “Applebee’s” interchangeably, there’s a problem.

    I find TVs in a pub to be distracting and annoying. Kind of like animated billboards on the side of a highway. And why not find a neat old building to locate the pub in, rather than a mall?

  • Pat

    good luck trying to get the silverdalers to go there, this may be a bad business decision

  • Andy

    We went to the Alehouse a shot time ago.
    The store is well designed and feels good.
    The TV’s arn’t that noticible. The beers were great. The food was less the great and the wait staff wasn’t very sharp. Hopefully that will change with time. This is a good thing for the Kitsap area.

  • Angie

    My husband and I stopped by there the other day and to our surprise there was a place in a “mall” that served great beer & food! It was nice to finally have a healthy non-processed food option and yummy beer to go with!

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