Big Portland Weekend Done…Even Bigger Seattle Week To Come

October 12th, 2010 · 8 Comments · + Russ, Beer Travels, Chris Devlin, Colin Lenfesty, Events

photo by +Russ

(posted by Chris Devlin)

Seattle Beer News staffers Colin, Russ and I spent Saturday in Portland checking out the Fresh Hop Tastival. While it wasn’t the magical experience that Geoff and I had last year, there were some tasty beers. The three of us lost track of each other during the day’s debauchery, but we were all out late enjoying the hell out of ourselves. I’ve never had a bad time in Portland.

Standouts for me at the Tastival included Double Mountain Killer Green, Ninkasi Total Crystalization and Deschutes Fresh Hop Mirror Pond. The rest of the day was spent eating at food carts and drinking all over the place. My beer highlights around town included:

  • Little Dog at Hair of the Dog–a 4% session beer made from the second runnings of Doggie Claws.
  • Noyeaux at Cascade’s Barrel House–a barrel-aged sour using a Belgian strong blonde as the base, aged in port barrels with raspberries and blended with more of the strong blonde from barrels aged on the toasted meat from the apricot nut.
  • Two delicious Upright Brewing pilsners at Apex Bar–one hopped with Hallertauers and the other with Tettnangers.

I can’t speak for the other guys, but I was hoping to take it easy this week in Seattle. I figured I’d stick around home, watch horror movies, drink the beer in my fridge. Not a chance. There are three big beer events this week, and it’s gonna be impossible not to go to all of them:

On Wednesday, Brouwer’s will be honoring our state with a Washington Beer Fest. All 60+ taps will be pouring Washington beers and Chef Eric Draper will prepare a menu of local cuisine to pair with them. Several of the beers will be from breweries not regularly distributed in Seattle such as Birdsview, North Sound, Palouse Falls, Paradise Creek and Riverport. Things get started at 11am.

On Thursday, Bottleworks will celebrate this year’s hop harvest by having a Fresh Hop Fest. At 4pm, beers will be tapped from Anderson Valley, Big Time, Cascade, Double Mountain, Elysian/New Belgium, Fremont and Sierra Nevada. As an added bonus, Anderson Valley’s brewmaster, Fal Allen, will be doing a meet-and-greet from 4-6:30pm.

Finally, capping the week off on Saturday and Sunday is Elysian’s Sixth Annual Great Pumpkin Beer Fest. This is one of Seattle’s biggest beer events, featuring over 40 pumpkin beers from Elysian and other Washington brewers, as well as out-of-staters such as Russian River, Iron Hill, Nodding Head, Cambridge, Jolly Pumpkin and Dogfish Head. There will also be themed food specials, pumpkin carving and the tapping of the Great Pumpkin at 4pm each day. The festivities begin at noon on Saturday.


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  • harborguy

    On October 2nd at the Hood River Fresh Hop Festival my 4 favorite fresh hop beers were:
    Big Horse Vernon the Rabbit Slayer (much better than previous years),
    Double Mountain Killer Green (also took home a growler from the brewery),
    Widmer Black Nugget,
    Walking Man Hopalong IPA (took home a growler from the brewery).

  • cdevlin

    harborguy – i heard great things about that walking man hopalong. too bad we didn’t get any up here in seattle (at least none that I know of).

  • Angelo

    You were at all the spots I’ve been frequenting. Hope you can make it down for KillerBeerWeek.

  • harborguy

    This was our 4th straight year (out of 7 for the Hop Fest) going down from Gig Harbor to the Hood River Festival and it is always enjoyable. As with most fests getting there early is key. There are always some great fresh hop beers that can only be found there.
    Finished the last of the Walking man today, it was very good.

  • Dean Ruffner

    That Noyeaux sounds wild.

  • showard

    cascade rocks. russian river gets much rightful praise, but cascade is just nailing it these days. the fruit sour beers – apricot, kriek, the vine- are unmatched. vlade the impaler is the finest flanders this side of the atlantic. the gose beers – especially this autumns version – are awesome sippers. and in a ballsy move against the grain, they do a fresh hop PORTER?! it too, was fabulous.

    i gotta get to that tasting room in pdx…

    nice job with the site in kais’s absense chris. keep up the fine reporting!

  • Marti Gwaltney

    Last time we were in Portland and at Hair of the Dog I mentioned to Alan a smaller version of Doggie Claws and call it Puppy Claws. I am sure he has thought of this before, but now has the space in his new brewery. Glad to see the smaller version come out. What did he call it?

  • cdevlin

    Marti – it was called Little Dog.

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