Grab A Beer: Harmon Puget Sound Porter

October 29th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Beer Reviews, Washington Breweries

Harmon Puget Sound Porter
Alcohol by Volume: 5.4%
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Intro: Harmon Brewing, located in Tacoma since 1997, recently built themselves a new expanded brewing facility and tap room. As a result, we should start seeing 22oz bottles of their beers up here in Seattle on a regular basis.

Description: Pours a very dark brown with a creamy head that sticks around. Big dark roasted malt aroma is decadent. Taste is smooth chocolate malts, coffee, and just a hint of dark fruit. Dry finish and balanced nicely. Moderate body is fitting, and it doesn’t come across as too thin. Not complex, just a well-made, straightforward porter that would be welcome in my glass anytime. I love beers that deliver flavor with a low ABV. Great session beer.

Verdict: Buy it
Availability: In 22oz bottles at select local retailers.

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Commercial Description/Press Release:

This is yet another original flagship brew.and of the English persuasion. Our brewer does love his dark beers and decided to brew this slightly unheralded style. Porters, related to stouts, come in two basic styles: Brown and Robust. Robust styles tend to be heavier, stronger and even slightly darker. Brown Porters tend to be more drinkable as a session brew. Our Puget Sound Porter is a lovely dark Brown with strong hints of ruby. A wonderful coffee roasted and chocolate nose makes this Porter unique and enhances the medium bodied brew. The flavors of coffee and chocolate follow through each sip of this porter. 8 different malted barley’s, including Pale Chocolate and dark German barley make up the grist. Two hop additions balance the beer’s flavor. Our brewers 2nd favorite child! GABF Gold in 1999 5.4% ABV and 40 IBU’S


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  • elvis

    very timely post as I just put this 22 in my fridge after stashing it in the closet for a few months. gonna drink it tonight!

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