Seattle Beer News Top 10 Beer Spots – #9 Latona Pub

November 22nd, 2010 · 6 Comments · Bar Reviews

This is the Seattle Beer News list of the Top 10 Beer Spots in Seattle. Many great bars, pubs, and breweries won’t make this list; that doesn’t mean they aren’t outstanding places. Check out the previous post for #10.

#9 Beer Spot in Seattle: The Latona Pub

Thanks to Dor & Bob on Flickr for the photo of Latona hopping during this year's Seattle Beer Week.

Ah…The Latona. Good food, good beer and good people. When I used to live in the Tangletown neighborhood, I would spend a good amount of time sitting at the bar or in one of the chairs at a table outside near the sidewalk.

The Beer: They always do a solid job of offering a good selection of NW brews that they rotate regularly on their dozen or so taps. I’ve caught a few things here that I had yet to sample anywhere else. A recent tap list included a special beer from Skagit Brewery called Arlen’s Gospel, which is a one-off IPA that former LaConner and Rogue Issaquah brewer Arlen Harris helped brew. They have cask nights, brewers nights, and a slew of other special events, and they’ve even had special beers made just for the Latona in the past.

The Food: Everything I’ve tried off the menu is worth getting. The burger is fantastic, the cheese plate is a hit and there are many healthy/veggie options. They also have one of the best hummus plates in town.

The Atmosphere: What really sets The Latona apart from many beer places in town is the neighborhood bar friendliness you get here. If you snag a spot at the bar, chances are you will not have a problem striking up a conversation with the person next to you or with the bartender. This place really makes you feel at home. It can get pretty swinging in The Latona on the weekends, so I try to hit it during the week.

Overall: This is one of those bars I sadly just don’t get to enough, as I live on the other side of town. There isn’t a place that combines the comforts of a corner neighborhood pub with an outstanding beer list much better.

Latona Pub
6423 Latona Ave. NE
Seattle, WA 98115
(206) 525-2238


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