Grab A Beer: Slip Point Brewing Beach-Fire Smoked Scotch Ale

December 28th, 2010 · 4 Comments · Beer Reviews, Washington Breweries

Slip Point Brewing Beach-Fire Smoked Scotch Ale
Find this beer and more at Full Throttle Bottles in Georgetown.

Intro: You’ve never heard of Slip Point Brewing? Don’t worry, neither had I. Full Throttle had a few 22oz beers from them for sale, and I had to do a double-take. It’s not often you see bottles from a Washington brewer that you’ve heard literally nothing about. According to the label, they are located in Clallum Bay, Washington, which Google Maps tells me is west of Port Angeles on the Olympic Peninsula. That isn’t close to much of anything, and I’m guessing the brewery tour wouldn’t take very long. It sounds like they are another member of the “nano-brewing” army, and I’ll look forward to trying some of their other offerings.

Description: Pours a hazy light amber with thin head. By definition, scotch ales are supposed to be deep amber to dark copper, and this doesn’t fit the bill (Which, is fine with me. No one says you have to brew to style). You can pick up light smoke and sweet malts in the aroma. But, the smoke really comes out in the taste. The smoke is the dominant flavor, but it also does a great job of not being too intense. Some smoked beers knock you out with their smoke (which isn’t a bad thing), but Slip Point keeps it in check and allows it to shine just enough. There is a light malt sweetness, but not much else in the way of malt or hop flavors. It’s clean, and finishes dry. As it gets warmer, the smoke fades a bit and an earthy sweetness comes out that I can do without. A bit thin, but that might be what they were shooting for if they want it to be lighter. I’m not sure what the alcohol content is, but it seems light – maybe 5% to 6%? Overall, it’s a solid beer for those of us that like smoke and worth a try.

Verdict: Worth Trying
Availability: Full Thottle Bottles has 22oz bottles, but I’m not sure where else you can find it. Their distribution is very limited.

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Commercial Description/Press Release:

This handcrafted ale, brewed and bottled locally, has been approved by the brewer’s wife and cat. This playful brew dances across the tongue with the faint flavor of a summer campfire: purr


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  • Yuppers

    If it is an honest to goodness scotch ale, the sweetness, non-hopness, and the low ABV would be about right for the style. Sweetness typically/classically would come from deliberate kettle caramelization; scotch beers have always been very low hopped (largely due to the fact that hops historically had to be imported from England, which for economic and social reasons the Scots were loath to do); and thanks to taxes, ABV was kept down — between 3.5% and about 5%.

    Sounds like these guys did it right (smoke aside, but obviously that is deliberate).

  • Yuppers

    Sorry for the double post, but style guidelines on color is from 9 to 17 SRM; 9 is relatively light amber, so I’m not sure they’re out of style on that one, either.

  • Kaiser

    While I don’t have the beer in front of me any longer, I would say it was more of a 5 or 6 SRM according to this chart:

    I almost described it as “dark golden”, which might be more appropriate.

    Yes, if they were shooting for a traditional low ABV scotch ale with smoke, then it was made to style. Most American-made commercial scotch ales I’ve had are not traditional ABV/body, therefore that’s what I’ve come to expect. Hard to get out of that thinking sometimes.

  • Tiffany

    99 Bottles, the specialty beer store in Federal Way, carries the full line-up of Slip Point Brewing’s beers: Steppin’ Out, Beach-Fire Smoked Scotch, Lights Out Stout, and Spicy Fish Wife Jalepeno Ale. 22-oz bombers are under $5.

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