Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for the Beer Lover in Your Life

December 22nd, 2010 · 5 Comments · Notes

So, it is just three short days till Christmas and you still haven’t finished shopping. If there is a beer-lover on your list, then hopefully some of these suggestions can help make your life a little easier.

  • Beer! Well, duh. Head to one of the local retailers on my list of links and get creative. I’m sure you know what style he/she likes, right? If not, all of the places listed will be happy to help you figure out what to get. There are some holiday gift sets available as well, which usually come with a particular beer and a glass to go along with it in a nicely presented package.
  • Hale’s Ales is releasing a special 13% ABV bourbon barrel-aged Belgian-style Quadruppel tomorrow today. I had a sample of this at the Washington Winter Beer Festival, and it was pretty outstanding. They are having a release party tomorrow night tonight at 5pm at the Hale’s Brewery in Seattle and the Hale’s Alehouse in Silverdale. Bottles will be sold for a discount at the event.
  • Fremont Brewing is releasing 20 more cases of Bourbon Barrel Abominable (Bbomb!) today at 11am. They did their first-ever bottle release with this beer last week, and demand for the beer has been insane. Hopefully, 20 cases should last them at least a couple of days….but, who knows. If the person you are buying this for digs bourbon-aged beers, this one is not to miss. It comes in a pretty bottle with wax on top, too; add a bow and put it under the tree.
  • Vacuum pump “wine” saver. While marketed for wine, I use these for larger bottles of high ABV beer that I don’t want to take down in one sitting. Finishing a 22oz bottle of 12% ABV beer isn’t always in your best interest on a weeknight. These can cost as little as $10, and they keep your beer about as fresh as a screw-top growler does, at least for a day or two. Get multiple “stopper valves” if you can, so that you can save multiple bottles at the same time. You should be able to find these at kitchen stores, wine shops, and likely Target and Fred Meyer.
  • An Amtrak ticket to Portland. Seriously. We all love our Washington beer, but Portland is a treasure chest just waiting to be explored. I don’t care if the person you are buying for was in Portland just last week; there are endless places to visit. You can get a round-trip ticket to Portland from Seattle on Amtrak for as little as $60 right now. Why drive? The public transportation is great, and many neighborhoods have a group of beer places within walking distance of each other.
  • Gift certificates to local bars/pubs/restaurants.
  • Tickets to Belgianfest on Saturday, January 22. This festival was fantastic last year, and this year it moves to a larger space at Magnuson Park. Tickets are $30.
  • Proper beer glassware. Local bottle shops often have specialty beer glasses for sale. It may be time to stop drinking barleywine out of a pint glass.

Hopefully, that gives you some ideas to get you finished for this year’s shopping.

Posts may be sporadic through the weekend. Merry Christmas to you all!


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  • Ben

    great ideas!

    the hale’s link says the party is tomorrow (12/23) while this post says it’s tonight (12/22) — am i missing something? are there two parties?

  • Tracey

    I thought the Hales Quad release was set for tomorrow (Thurs)?

  • Kaiser

    You are definitely both correct. Party is tomorrow. My mind has been telling me today is Thursday all day long…

  • Ben

    and now it’s thursday! your mind must be prescient.

  • blackhook

    Great suggestions for the continuing gift season. So cool to see Fremont doing interesting things – serendipitous hop & barrel experiments. Hope they consider making Solstice a year-round offering…it is that good.

    And the ticket to Portland? A beery gift that keeps on giving, no matter when it’s used.

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