Ballard Avenue Pub Opens for Business

January 13th, 2011 · 7 Comments · Bar Reviews, Washington Breweries

Image thanks to Nigel Slater on Facebook

Life for beer drinkers in Ballard just keeps getting better. I saw the sign for the new Ballard Avenue Pub when driving by last week and meant to try and find out more about it. Well, last night I received an email from them telling me about their opening beer selection.

They are serving only local beers on draft, and here is their starting lineup:
Hale’s Pale
Hale’s Supergoose IPA
Mac & Jacks Amber
Big Al’s Smoked Porter
Odin Kolsch
Maritime Old Seattle Lager
Black Raven Trickster IPA
Manny’s Pale Ale
Snoqualmie Black Frog Stout (nitro)
Fremont Dark Star Stout (we’re the only one who has it)
3 Skulls Blood Orange Wit
Elysian’s Men’s Room Red

The Ballard Avenue Pub opened yesterday and is actually located at the very north end of Ballard Avenue, but on Market Street.

Ballard Avenue Pub
2236 NW Market Street


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  • Greg

    Thanks for the mention, hope to see you here soon! We’re open everyday at 4pm.

  • Frank Belson

    I had the Dark Star last night at a brewers night at the Green Frog in Bellingham. Very tasty stuff!

  • Krista

    I can’t find a website. Anyone have any info about happy hour deals?

  • Greg

    We don’t have a website, probably aren’t going to get one either Krista. Sorry. We are open Tuesday through Saturday at 4pm and we don’t currently run a happy hour. All our local draft beers are $4.50 per pint and our wells are always only $4. Hope to see you here sometime, thanks.

  • Ballard Gal

    Not to tell you how to run your business, but surviving in Ballard requires a website and a happy hour! There are too many great places that fight for business and if customers can’t find out what’s going on at your place (or a cheap reason to go there), my guess is that you won’t develop any sort of regular following. At the least, you could do a facebook page or something. Just my two cents! Until then, I will continue to head to places that give me a discounted place to wet my whistle after work.

  • cp

    couldn’t disagree more with “ballard gal”. social networking sites are great but i’ve been to the pub and it already has a great group of regulars in just two weeks and you can tell it’s not trying to cater to the facebook book / happy hour crowd. if saving .50 cents on sliders and mozarella sticks is what people like “ballard gal” are looking for they can stay at joeys and matador leave the pub scene to those who just like to grab a beer with some friends and avoid getting shot at bal mar.

  • Miss Wahoo

    A website would be helpful, but I understand not wanting to deal with the hassle of one. And since according to your list, you offer the most excellent Black Frog Oatmeal stout, I’ll cut you a great deal of slack.

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