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Most of you probably have your tickets for Belgianfest on Saturday, and now that the Washington Beer Commission has released the list of beers and their descriptions you can start planning how to allocate your precious sobriety. If you don’t have tickets yet, they are still available online (they were at 70% capacity yesterday), and some tickets may be available at the door if you decide to go at the last minute.

From the Washington Beer Commission:

The Washington Beer Commission is proud to announce the beer list for the 2nd annual Belgianfest beer tasting festival at The Workshop at Magnuson Park in Seattle (Sand Point). The event will feature 25 Washington Breweries pouring more than 50 unique and tasty Belgian style, Washington brewed beers.

Belgianfest will have two sessions on Saturday, January 22nd, beginning with a Noon – 4:00pm session, followed by 5:30pm – 9:30pm on Saturday evening.

The Workshop at Magnuson is located at 6310 NE 74th St, Seattle, WA 98115. Tickets are available now at and are $30 in advance (online at or at Big Time Brewery and Full Throttle Bottles) or $35 at the door. This event sold out last year and we are 70% capacity as of today despite the new larger venue!

Belgian style beer is perhaps the most unique of all of the beer styles. Take a look at this list of Washington Breweries and their detailed Belgian style creations:




1) Dark Water Dubbel  ABV: 8.2%

This Belgian Dubbel style is brewed with chocolate roasted wheat, honey and turbinado sugar, fermented to 8.2% ABV and hopped for balance with German Noble varieties.

2) Anacortes Sour Brown  ABV: 9.1%

Anacortes Belgian Trippel Ale aged for 51 weeks in a wine barrel (Merlot) with Brettanomyces anomoulis.  All Bairds Pilsner Malt and 150# Cane Sugar. Hopped with Saaz hops.

Big Al



1) Belgian Tripel  ABV: 9%

Big Al Tripel is a pale golden Belgian-style strong ale featuring the warm spicy flavors of a Belgium yeast complimented by a crisp, light peppery rye finish.

2) Local Hero #9 Belgian Dubbel  ABV: 7.7%

Nate Muller won the 2010 best of show from Seattle Weekly Homebrew Competition. This beer is complex on many levels. Rich caramel-chocolatey malt flavors, soft warming alcohol, with an inviting balance of flavors from the uses of Belgian yeast; dark fruit esters and spicy phenols.

3) Kriek

Big Time Brewery


1) Trombipulator 2010 ABV: 10%

A Northwest interpretation of a Belgian tripel, Trombipulator was 1st brewed to commemorate Big Time’s five hundredth brew. A very big and pale beer, it weighs in at 18 degrees Plato (1.072 Specific Gravity), and is very heavily hopped.

2) Saison Grisette

Farmhouse Ale

Black Raven Brewing


1) Pour Les Oiseaux  ABV: 6.2%
Four grain farmhouse ale/saison aged in French oak white wine barrels with brettanomyces.
2) Seasonal Farmhouse IPA  ABV: 7.7%
Style: Farmhouse Ale
US/Belgian style IPA with brettanomyces.
3) La Petite Mort (cask version)  ABV: 8.8%
Style: Abbey strong brown ale
Cask version of our seasonal strong abbey brown ale with additional ingredients such as rum soaked oak chips, black mission figs, porcini mushrooms and cocoa nibs.
Boundary Bay Brewery


1)Big Belgian Ale  ABV: 6.6%

Light in body, medium hoppiness, earthy and spicy with a Belgian yeast finish.

2) Boundary Bay Tripel

A strong, pale golden, medium bodied ale. Is mildly spicy with a medium hop bitterness. The aroma is of fruit, Belgian Abbey yeast and alcohol. It is a complex beer with a warming flavor and a long dry finish.

Der Blokken



1) Belgian Gold  ABV: 8.5%

Der Blokken’s first Belgian is light and golden in color with light-fruit & hopp aromas. Fermented with Duvel yeast, this ale finishes at 1.018.

Elliot Bay


Burien & Seattle

1) Belgian Black IPA ABV: 6% IBU: 60

Cask Conditioned Dry-hopped Belgian Black Ale
2) Brett von Boorian  ABV: 4.75% IBU: 30

Blend of sour beers barrel-aged for 22 months
3) Imperial von Boorian ABV: 7.25% IBU: 70

Dry-hopped Belgian Strong Pale Ale
4) Red von Boorian  ABV: 5% IBU: 20
Delightful Belgian-style Red Ale

Elysian Brewing


1) Bête Blanche  ABV: 6.9%

Deceptive and delicious Belgian-style Tripel. A twist on the French expression “Bête Noire”.  An extremely drinkable, blonde and somewhat treacherous. Brewed entirely from Pale malt and augmented in the boil with clear Belgian candy sugar. Bittered with German Northern Brewer and finished with Styrian Goldings hops. Starting gravity 18.4° Plato (1.075 SG), alcohol  5.75%  by weight, 31 IBU.

2) Bête Noel Belgian-style Ale  ABV: 8.5%

The dark side of the holidays, as treacherous as its paler sister. Brewed with Pale, Munich, Castle Aromatic and roasted barley and black malts, with amber Turbinado sugar added to the kettle. Bittered with German Northern Brewer, finished with Hallertauer hops and fermented with Belgian Golden Ale yeast.  Starting gravity 20.8°P (1.087), alcohol 7.1% by weight.

3) Toro Oro Yerba Mate Tripel  ABV: 7.2%

Brewed with organic pale and pale demerara sugar. Bittered with German Northern Brewer and finished with Czech Saaz and Amarillo hops. 1.2 grams yerba mate per pint.  Opening gravity 16.4° Plato (1.067); alcohol 6% by weight.

4) Yuzu’s. Sour Belgian-Style Golden Ale  ABV: 4.5%

Yuzu’s is made with 100% pale malt, Turbinado sugar and Belgian Golden ale yeast. Bittered with Magnum and finished with Styrian Goldings hops. Organic dried lemon peel is added at the end of the boil, and yuzu juice is added both pre- and post-fermentation. Aged in a wine barrel for 8 months, inoculated with Roeselare and Lactobacillus. Starting gravity 12°P (1.048), alcohol 3.75% by weight.
5) Groaning Board Trappist-style Table Beer  ABV: 5.3%

Brewed with organic pale, C-15, C-60 and Munich malt; bittered with UK Fuggles and finished with Czech Saaz.  Opening gravity 13.2° Plato (1.053 SG); alcohol 4.4% by weight.
6) Backhanded Compliment (Belgian-Style IPA) ABV: 6.2%

Brewed in the tradition of American IPAs , but with Belgian yeast.  Organic pale, Munich, Cara-Hell and Cara-Vienne malts and bittered with Chinook and finished with Amarillo and Citra hops.  Fermented with Westmalle yeast.

Fremont Brewing


1) Mystere de Tonneau

The latest in our Mystery series. This one has spent some quality time in the wood in the company of critters.

2) Blood Funnel-Saison

Sasion with blackberries and peppercorns.




1) Donkey Deux!  ABV: 7.9%

Belgian-style Dubbel brewed with Pilsner, Munich, Special B Malts and 110 lbs of Belgian candi sugar. Fermented with traditional Belgian yeast, conditioned over 3 months, then bottle-conditioned. Dubbel Donkey is big on classic Belgian flavor!

2) Georgetown Braggot ABV: 8.5%

Our version of this less-than-famous style of mead is technically a bottle-conditioned ale using local blackberry honey fermented with a Belgian yeast strain.  We add Northern Brewer hops, and the malt bill includes Munich, Pilsner and Special B malts.

Hale’s Ales


1) IX Gold-Belgium Strong Golden Ale  ABV: 9%

Strong Belgian style ale. Light in color. Brewed with Pilsner malt, carapils and C40. Turtinado Sugar in kettle. Hopped with Goldings. 2010 NABA award in category.

2) Quadruppel

Belgian Quadruppel aged in brandy and bourbon barrels for one year. Four different yeast strains. Four different sugars in boil. Flavors of fig, brown sugar and port.

Issaquah Brewhouse



1): Cask of Menage-a-Frog  ABV: 9%

Dry-Hopped Edition – Our award winning Belgian-style Trippel dry-hopped with Amarillo Hops.
2) Cask of Menage-a-Frog: Berry Edition  ABV: 9%

Our award winning Belgian-style Trippel infused with Marionberries

Lazy Boy



1) Belgian Golden Ale

Belgian Strong Ale made with traditional malts, hops, and a unique strain of yeast to create a flavor packed experience.

2) TBA

Naked City Brewery


1) Gilda American Wild Ale  ABV: 8.5%

Belgian Style Dubbel aged 6 months in a Merlot barrel. Gilda is reminiscent of the Flanders Red Ales of Belgium. Slightly sweet and pleasantly tart with plenty of wine character from the French oak barrel.

2) Saison De La Ville Nue  ABV: 6.5%

Belgian Style Saison brewed with 8% Rye Malt. Subtle banana notes from the unique yeast strain balanced with a biscuity dryness contributed by the rye.

Odin Brewing


1) Odin Pearl White Ale  ABV: 5.1%

Sweet and spicy Belgian hybrid Wit. 15 IBU’s

Paradise Creek Brewery


1) Paradise Hoe Style: Belgian Wit  ABV: 5.9%
With notes of orange, banana and clove, this crisp yet creamy wit is a refreshing change to all of the heavy winter beers.  It is not too early to think spring is it?
Pike Brewing


1) Pike Monk’s Uncle Tripel Ale  ABV: 9%

Big, full-bodied and complex with a yeasty nose, fruity esters and malty dryness. Hints of honey, spice and exotic fruit play with the senses. Powerful, yet gentle.

2) Pike Tandem Double Ale  ABV: 7.5%

Rich, round and complex, with flavors of fruit, freshly baked bread and treacle. Deep and dark like a porter, yet surprisingly satisfying, smooth and sensual; semi-dry without bitterness.

Ram Brewery


1)Biere de Mars  ABV: 7.6%

An aromatic and flavorful, orange hued Belgian style farmhouse ale with a soft, subtly sweet malt profile and a classic, fruit & spice, yeast profile.

2) Sour Disel

A sour brown hued ale aged in a old Bordeaux barrel.

RedHook Brewery


1) Dubbel Hook  ABV: 8%

A traditional Belgian Dubbel.  Reddish brown hue (27 SRM), low hops (25 BU), high ABV (8%).  We fermented in an open vessel using high gravity Trappist yeast, then transferred to kegs, krausening for natural carbonation (cask conditioned).  Dubbel Hook’s character is balanced more toward the phenol (clove) side as opposed to isoamyl acetate (banana).  It was brewed using 2-Row, Belgian specialty malts, sugar, and noble hops.

Scuttlebutt Brewing


1) Belgian Winter-Belgian Dark Strong Ale

This is an Abbey version of our 10 Below Winter Ale. The rich chocolate flavors are balanced with the fruity esters generated by the yeast.

2) Tripel 7  ABV: 9%

Delicate clove & whit pear flavors give way to a hint of apricot. Light in body, the beer is a model of deception at 9% ABV.

Silver City Brewery


1) La Fat-Belgian Inspired Scotch Ale  ABV: 9%

Silver City’s “FAT Scotch Ale” fermented with Belgian ale yeast noted for creating big, spicy phenol character. La Fat goes through a secondary fermentation with a proprietary blend of micro organisms on French oak for 14 months. The result is a dark, complex ale that combines classic Belgian characteristics with Scotch Ale like toffee and caramel notes with hints of oak and peat.

2) Katy Saison  ABV: 6%

A simple but honest of interpretation of the style. A pale beer with 10% wheat and firm hop bitterness. Finished with Sterling, Hersbrucker, and Williamette hops. Our Saison gets its name from the street where our new production facility resides in burgeoning Bremerton.

Snipes Mt. Brewery


1) Twangzister #3  ABV: 8.5%

A three year old Belgian strong aged in a bourbon barrel with house cultures and obnoxious amounts of Montmorency cherries, blended with a non-infectious Belgian strong that was fermented with two strains of Belgian yeast and Belgian candy syrup.

Snoqualmie Falls Brewing


1) Triskaidekaphobia-Belgian Tripel ABV: 8.6%

Reminiscent of the Millennial Madness we created 10 years ago, Triskaidekaphobia is a great balance of crisp clean malt, lemony hops and spice.

Unfiltered but clear to the eye, Trisky is made from 100% German pilsner malt, Belgian candi sugar, 100% Czech Saaz hops and Belgian ale yeast. There’s no need to be afraid!

2) 2010 Belgian Wit ABV: 5.0%

Since we had the belgian yeast propigated, Rande decided to make a classic Belgian Wit. Corriander and orange peel makes our version spicy and refreshing.

3) 2010 Spring Fever ABV: 6.8%

We saved some of last years Sprnig Fever just for this event. Spring Fever is brewed with pale, Munich, C-15, C-40 and crystal malts, coriander and Belgian Ale yeast.

It has an aroma of tropical fruits and a complex, malty flavor.

Three Skulls-Baron Brewing


1) Three Skulls Belgian Trippel  ABV: 9%

A traditional Belgian Trippel brewed with Belgian candy sugar and aromatic hops.

Two Beers



1) Crooked Belgian Wit

Brewed with dried orange peel and fresh ground coriander

2) Cask Dry Peeled Crooked Belgian Wit


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