Schooner Exact Celebrates Their 4th Anniversary

January 20th, 2011 · 5 Comments · Events, Washington Breweries

Happy Birthday to Schooner Exact Brewing! They will be celebrating their 4th anniversary at their tasting room tonight with cake and beers from 4pm to 8pm.

Matt McClung with brewer Dave Hutchinson.

Schooner Exact has had an exciting four years of business, that is for sure. Since starting out as a nanobrewery operating out of an ActivSpace unit in West Seattle, they have built quite a fan base that has given them the motivation to keep chugging along. In 2009, they had purchased a larger system and subleased a space connected to the former location of Trade Route Brewing in South Park. When Trade Route then opted out of their lease to move down south to Pacific, Washington, Schooner Exact was left with a decision to make. Owners Matt & Heather McClung could either work out a new lease with the landlord themselves for the entire space, or they could search for something new. When Matt was asked what he thought about moving to a new space just about six months after moving in with their larger system, he replied, “I think it will kill me.” But, they saw the opportunity to find a place that fits their needs better, and they went through the arduous task of picking up and moving all over again. For all of that pain, the brewery is in a great spot now and things have worked out for the better.

They opened their new location at 3901 1st Ave S on May 15, 2010. The brewery space is larger than what they had before, and it is set up perfectly for a retail tasting room presence. These days, the brewery continues to succeed and they have a lineup of beers that rivals any of the breweries in Seattle. Matt & Heather quit their day jobs as teachers last year, and now they are setting their sights on a beery future.

Congrats to Matt & Heather for making it this far, and I wish you many more happy years in the future!


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  • Tiffany

    Back in Shakespearean times, serving “Cake & Ale” was commonplace. Though modern day society has largely replaced ‘Ale’ with milk, each year 99 Bottles honors that age-old tradition by serving ale with cake at their anniversary. Stop by and celebrate 99 Bottles’s 4th Anniversary with us on your way to Schooner EXACT’s 4th Anniversary tonight.

    99 Bottles, 35002 Pacific Hwy S, A102
    Federal Way, Wa 98003 (I-5 Exit 142B)

    From 4:00 ’til 8:00 p.m. tonight, 99 Bottles will serve Guinness cupcakes from the #1 cupcake store, PinkaBella Cupcakes, with three ales: Lindemans Kriek, Pike Monk’s Uncle & Laurelwood Portland Roast Espresso Stout. $3 tasting fee. Vote for your favorite and enter to win a $99 value brewerania basket; 4 winners will be drawn at 7:50PM//need not be present to win.

    Cheers! And Happy Anniversary to our friends at Schooner EXACT and our baby, 99 Bottles.

  • thirsty

    Congrats to Schooner exact! Is it really necessary to hijack the comments with blatant advertising?

  • Tiffany

    Hi thirsty,

    I felt it was more than just advertising in nature. We have many SBN readers who frequent our store, but were told by SBN that they won’t include us in their postings due to their relationship with another beer store. (And, yes, I have this in writing from them — twice.) From a journalistic view, I feel this is short-sighted as it’s eliminating access to a place that focuses on getting people into good beer; it also leaves me at a loss when customers ask me why SBN doesn’t point people to other bottle shops. (I tell them to contact SBN; I do not know if any have.) I didn’t mean it as a hijack, but rather as information that is of interest to SBN readers who are otherwise having our store info filtered from their eyes. That is all.

    My intent was good, to get the news out about the fun beer & ale event, though you felt it harmful.

    Wishing you many good beers,

  • Kaiser


    Thanks for commenting.

    There is a list of retailers on this site, including 99 Bottles, and I will make sure to link to it for each review in the future under the availability section. In the past, I have often just mentioned in that section that it is “available at local bottle shops”, etc…

    As for the tagline at the beginning of each post, yes, that is a business agreement for which I choose to call out a single shop. I’m not going to list every single shop individually that the beer is available at in the beginning of each post. It is my choice to stick with a single business for that spot, as I told you in our private email.

    About your comment and event, it has NOTHING to do with the above agreement that I did not post about your event. I have never said “I will not include you in my postings”. I told you I would not work out a similar business agreement with you along the lines of what I already have in place.

    In fact, I did post about your event on Facebook and it registered 533 impressions. I just did not put up an individual post for it. I don’t post about everything…and I concentrate on the Seattle area when my time is limited. I do have a full-time paying job that requires the majority of my time and only leaves so much time for posts.

    Your post was blatant advertising, but I did not delete it because as I said I did not do a post for it myself. But, imagine if every bottle shop/bar/restaurant/etc put up similar posts? That would be pretty annoying, huh? Please refrain from this in the future. You’re welcome to send an email when you’d like something added to the calendar. I don’t do a great job of updating it these days, but I do my best.


  • Tiffany

    Sorry, Geoff. I will refrain from sharing any events in comments in the future. I didn’t see the facebook post and thank you for that. I am appreciative for any shout-outs.

    Happy 4th again to Schooner EXACT. We are very appreciative of your beer.

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