Seattle’s Elysian Brewing to Expand in Georgetown

January 24th, 2011 · 12 Comments · Washington Breweries

Following are details from Elysian on their upcoming expansion into a 60-barrel production brewhouse in the Georgetown neighborhood by late summer of this year.

Elysian Brewing Co. of Seattle, WA has announced a substantial planned expansion to a 35,000 sq ft space in the Georgetown neighborhood of South Seattle. An outgrowth both of Elysian’s successes at its three Seattle brewery/restaurants and steady growth in packaged sales, the 15-year-old company is investing in brewing equipment and site improvements for a facility at 5510 Airport Way S. of 60,000 US barrel capacity. It is expected that the brewery will be fully operational by late summer 2011.

Elysian began operations in 1996 with its original Capitol Hill location, serving food and house-brewed beers in a 200-seat restaurant. It followed in 2003 with Tangletown in the Greenlake neighborhood, and then in 2006 opened Elysian Fields, a large 400+ seat venue directly across from Qwest Field in downtown Seattle. Elysian’s beers are among the most decorated in the Northwest, and brought the company the award for Large Brewpub of the Year at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver in 1999, 2003 and 2004.

Elysian’s plans come at a time of heady growth both for itself and the craft brewing movement in general. One recent project that has brought the brewery recognition beyond the world of craft brewing is Mens Room Original Red Ale. Brewed in alliance with “The Mens Room” radio show on KISW, the beer’s profits in part benefit Fisher House, serving service veterans and their families. To date over $100,000 has been contributed.

The Mens Room Red is one of a handful of beers that will be brewed at the new Airport Way facility, along with The Immortal IPA, Dragonstooth Stout, Avatar Jasmine IPA and seasonal beers such as Night Owl Pumpkin Ale and Bifrost Winter Ale. A 60-barrel brewhouse will fill quadruple-sized
240-barrel fermenters. Much of Elysian’s specialty beer production will be maintained at the Capitol Hill brewery, which produced approximately 5,000 barrels in 2010, as well as at the Elysian Fields and Tangletown breweries.


Dick Cantwell, Joe Bisacca and David Buhler


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  • Patrick

    > their upcoming expansion into a 60-barrel production brewhouse

    60,000-barrel brewhouse, not 60! I did a double-take when I read your intro, thinking, wow, that’s a small expansion.

  • Kaiser


    From their press release:

    “A 60-barrel brewhouse will fill quadruple-sized
    240-barrel fermenters. ”

    I believe that means they can potentially brew 1,860 gallons at a time, and do up to 4 batches to fill a fermenter, which is a whole hell of a lot.

    I believe you are seeing that the annual capacity would be 60,000 barrels.

  • Patrick

    Oh, yes, I just reread it and realized they meant 60,000 barrel capacity *annually*. That makes more sense.
    The 60-barrel brewhouse with 240-barrel fermenters part is confusing. I take it to mean that they have a 60-barrel brew kettle and 1 or more 240-barrel fermenters (they don’t specify how many). So the 240-barrel fermenters are just to give them extra capacity in case they get a larger brew kettle or a second one?

  • Kaiser


    They can do multiple brews in a row to fill a single fermenter. Since they have 60-barrels brewing capacity and 240-barrel fermenters, they can brew 4 consecutive batches (over a very, very long day) and mix them all in a single fermenter.

  • David Buhler

    Not as long a day as you might imagine. With a 4 vessel Brewhouse, you are starting to mash-in a new brew while still finishing the process in the other kettles. You can decrease production time with another kettle (like Redhook has in Woodinville, a 5 vessel Brewhouse). Minimum fermentation is 120 Bbls in these fermenters.

  • Kyle

    Depending on the number of brew vessels a 4 brew day doesn’t have to be that long. With our simple two brew vessel set up we can do three 20 bbl. batches in row in about 14 hours. That split between two brewers is no problem.

    good for elysian that’s a huge jump!

  • Kaiser

    That’s pretty sweet! Great news for Elysian.

  • Mr Howard

    Did buhler just reference red hook as a model for his brewery expansion? Ewww…

  • Beaux Bowman

    Nice move boys, very exciting and well deserved. Cheers!

  • kayp

    Where’s the Georgetown address? It doesn’t come up in the google map.

  • Jeff

    Employees at the new facility, get substandard wages (except for friends) with no vacation, healthcare benefits, retirement, 2 days sick pay per year good job Elysian recipents of Maria Cantwells small business bill.

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