Seattle Beer News Top 10 Beer Spots – #1 Beveridge Place Pub

February 18th, 2011 · 13 Comments · Bar Reviews

This is the final installment of the Seattle Beer News list of the Top 10 Beer Spots in Seattle. Many great bars, pubs, and breweries did not make this list; that doesn’t mean they aren’t outstanding places. Check out the previous post for #2.

When it was time to decide between my favorite five places for the top spot in this list, it really became difficult to pick one over the others. But, it didn’t take too long for me to come to a decision. At one point, I realized that I have thought to myself on more than one occasion: “If I ever open my own bar someday, I would love for it to be pretty much just like Beveridge Place Pub.” That about sums it up. Beveridge Place Pub (BPP), located in West Seattle, just has a perfect balance of good beer wrapped up in a welcome atmosphere. Other bars might have a bigger beer list with more rarities and variety, but I just don’t think any compare with Beveridge Place when it comes to atmosphere. The whole package put together earns BPP the top spot on my list.

The Beer: BPP juggles their taps of beer (25 to 30, or so, in total) with a concentration on local offerings, while never failing to bring in interesting beers from breweries outside of the state. They rotate most of the taps regularly, while eight taps keep house favorites, such as Boundary Bay IPA & Schooner Exact Gallant Maiden Hefeweizen, always pouring. The rotating taps still concentrate on Washington beer, but they also hit all styles and locations, and you never know what you are going to find on a given visit. They get their share of special release beers that hit Seattle. In addition to their draft beers, they also stock over 100 bottles of beer, and there are always some real gems available. They will occasionally break out older vintage bottles from the cellar, as well.

Another thing that helps BPP rise to the top is their events calendar. They have brewers nights just about every Thursday, and they also work other regular special events in. A popular event in the past year has been their periodic Iron Brewer competitions, where two local breweries are matched up against each other to create a beer using special ingredients chosen by the bar. The beers are then poured at BPP and customers decide the winner in a blind-tasting competition.

They also do several larger events/festivals throughout the year. Kicking off on February 25 and lasting through March 5 is their 9th Annual Barleywine Bacchanal. They’ll dedicate 24 of their taps to pour more than 50 barleywines over the period of the festival, and many older vintages, multi-year verticals, and rare offerings will be available. Their I.P.April is coming up shortly as well, when they typically have a dozen taps dedicated to rotating hoppy beers throughout the month of April. Another customer favorite is the Hoptoberfest in October where customers vote to decide what the house IPA will be at BPP for the following year. That month-long event finishes with their IPA Cask-O-Rama, featuring 30+ casks of IPA on the bar top.

The Food: Not having a kitchen is a problem for some pubs, but I consider it a strength for BPP. Many pubs with no kitchen encourage customers to bring in/have delivered whatever they would like. But at BPP, customers really embrace that opportunity by bringing in food from home to share over a few beers, or picking up their book of menus to order delivery from one of the many options. A trip to BPP for dinner is a great excuse for me to order a Cherry Bomb from Zeek’s Pizza next door or to pick up an outstanding gyro from Kokoras just across the street.

The Atmosphere: This is where BPP truly becomes a special place. First off, the bar is split into two distinct sections. The large main front room holds the beautiful wooden bar and is filled with tables perfect for couples or large groups, and there are also a few couches to relax on. With games and various reading materials sitting around, a trip to BPP can literally be like sitting in your living room, if that’s what you’d like. There are probably about ten seats at the bar, and there are also a couple high bar tables with stools and standing room. It’s this side that feels like a true Public House, with a welcoming atmosphere, completely unpretentious and friendly service , and good beer flowing.

While the front room is perfect for conversation and a relaxed beer over a book, the adjoining game room is the ideal place to catch a game on TV, shoot a game of pool, or use the shuffleboard table. There are several big screen TVs, and BPP is a strong supporter of all local sports, but especially the Sounders. They will throw the sound system on the broadcast for bigger games as well. There are quite a few tables spread throughout the game room, and a decent sized patio sits just outside with tables as well.

Most bars have a single atmosphere that embodies the entire bar. But, BPP manages to have two separate worlds brought together in one place. I love having the option of the two rooms to go along with a kick-ass beer selection.

As many are aware, BPP is dog friendly. For the most part, I have no problem with it and most dogs are very well-behaved and just chill underneath a table. But, there have been times when I’ve seen owners letting their dogs roam around, and there have been a few barking matches between curious dogs. You sometimes have to step over a dog because their owner is allowing it to sit in the middle of the aisle. But, these occasions are rare and sure don’t bother me very much.

There is also no table service at BPP, which I don’t find to be an issue at all. A trip to the bar to peruse the beer menu isn’t a hassle to me and allows groups to not worry about splitting a bill (often a huge freaking headache). The line can sometimes look intimidating, but it moves quickly. Since there is no food, I don’t think this is a huge deal to most people.

Overall: I heart Beveridge Place Pub. It fits perfectly in its off-the-beaten-path spot near the corner of California and Fauntleroy in West Seattle; if BPP was in the heart of Capitol Hill I get the feeling you’d have problems ever finding a seat. It’s a great place to sit and talk about beer, the world, politics, or your latest adventures. It’s a perfect place to catch a game on TV. And, most importantly, it is all about the beer. Cheers to owner Gary Sink and his wonderful staff for making this my favorite beer spot in Seattle.

Beveridge Place Pub
6413 California Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98136


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  • DonS

    Can’t say I’m surprised at this. Thanks for sharing the BPP love. When you have a place like this so close to home, other good-beer venues tend to fade into the background. Mind you, it’s one hell of a great background!

  • Sean

    A privilege to live a block from the Bev, never thought cool and unpretentious could describe a place but they pull it off. Gary is a gentleman and has great judgement in hiring staff.

  • elvis

    threw everybody a curve, and in doing so picked the right place. i still might build the horse brass first, but i like this place for the sections the most.

    you want sports and beer. there ya go.
    you want beer and games. go for it.


  • Ian

    At first, I saw this and didn’t agree, but after reading the review, and coupling that with the fact I’ve been to BPP only one time (yes, it’s a travesty), I came to realize it’s the right choice. Having been to Brouwers countless times adds a bit of subjectivity to my vote, but when I’m back in town in April, I will absolutely give BPP another chance.

  • Sean

    I’m 4 blocks from the Bev… Prior to moving into the area I knew it’d be nice to be close. Now I don’t think that I can move away ever. Good call on the #1. Though I understand Ian’s “subjectivity” as I have also spent many nights at Brouwers. What makes the Bev better in my opinion is it feels like a neighborhood place and not a “beer church” with overpriced not-so-good food.

  • Erika

    I LOVE BPP! This is a well deserved honor. The competition in Seattle is overwhelming, there are so many more than even 10 best pubs. I think one of the things I like best is that there is NO table service. It’s just like being in have to get off your butt and go get your own. You can have large parties and split checks easily, you can tell if that quad just tipped you over the edge, and their chalkboard is ALWAYS updated! Congrats!

  • Dan

    Great choice for #1. My only suggestion for improvement would be for BPP to post their draft list online, as do Brouwer’s, Uber, Naked City, etc.

  • Phillip Thurtle

    I have to agree. A smart selection of beers and the staff cares about the customers (Rob and Lorraine are wonderful!). Also, the specialty nights are fantastic opportunities to taste one-offs and specialty brews not found other places. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate other watering holes. It’s just that BPP remains my local even though I’ve moved to the other side of Seattle.

  • Curmudgeon

    Of course, any “10 Best” list is subjective, but I have to disagree with this pick. Great beer selection at BPP, but I’ve not been impressed with the service. No food would be OK if it was really no food, but sharing my little bit of the bar with the pizza box brought in by the guy next to me didn’t really cut it. But worst of all is the dogs. I’m definitely not into sharing my space with dogs while trying to enjoy a good beer. Oh well, more room there for the rest of you. I’m much happier up at Elliott Bay, where they have good beer, good food, bring it to you on a plate, take it away when you’re done, and the dogs stay outside.

  • bierbum

    I have to agree with Curmudgeon.

    And, they make you get your own water by the dog bowl.

    Doesn’t make sense.

  • Mark

    I heart bpp. I love the hops outside during the summer. I love the separate game area. But this is about beer. Brouwers simply rules the roost in this category. I think Brouwers has too many taps… I would like to see it cut in half. But from a pure beer perspective they are better: best lines, best beers… and most importantly at the right temp: 50 degrees. Sorry dude. You just missed this one. Bpp is great, but a clear #2. Don’t let crap nights at Brouwers on Friday and Saturday blur your vision. On those nights bpp wins… but loses overall.

  • R.J.

    What an awesome series of posts. Just stumbled on this post looking for the best pubs in Seattle and now I have 10 spots on my map to check out. Thanks!

  • Buddy Vorses

    I know my beer. When I drink a pint of my favorite, I already know I’m in heaven. Not know to wine drinkers is the simple fact that beer, unlike wine is made from grains, not fruit and thus is like bread part of a meal instead of fruit part of dessert. I was no allowed to drink beet until I turned 21 go I had no experience with beer or wine or anything alcoholic before then. I can’t say that is true with some folks who broke the law and drank before becoming adults . But that’s an account my another post. Until then, don’t forget to have a pint or two, but be sure to drink responsibly not like some bloke who drinks too much.

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