Two Special Casks of Dry-Hopped New Belgium Fat Tire to Pour on Thursday

February 8th, 2011 · 1 Comment · Beer Releases

Fat Tire isn’t exactly the most exciting beer in the world to most beer geeks these days. But, hold on; have you ever had it on cask? And dry hopped at that? You’ll have a chance this Thursday. Sessionable beers, like Fat Tire, often shine when poured from a cask, and the extra dry hopping should add more character as well. This Thursday starting at 5pm, Mulleady’s (in Magnolia) will pour a cask dry-hopped with Centennials, and the Latona Pub will be pouring a cask dry-hopped with Bravos.

Here is more information :

Back at the brewery, John Rich, otherwise known as “JR”, filled 6 firkin casks with unfiltered Fat Tire & then selected the 6 best / most fragrant hop varieties that we had on hand, & then used them to dry-hop the beer. Each firkin will showcase a different variety. This Thursday we’ll be tapping 2 of them, the Centennial dry-hopped FT at Mulleady’s in Magnolia, & the Bravo dry-hopped one at Latona Pub in the Greenlake neighborhood. Both will be tapped at around 5:00 pm on Thursday. Mulleady’s will be doing a keep-the-glass special with the NB “Worthy Glass” (our globe glass) .. & NB Rangers will be on hand to talk about beer & politics & religion with your mom.

Some things to note .. . Centennials are an aroma variety that share a lot of the same floral, citrus & spicy characteristics as Cascades, & are sometimes referred to as “Super Cascades” .. but Centennials tend to lean a bit more toward floral than the super citrusy Cascade. Bravo is an SS Steiner super-high-alpha test/development variety that we got to sample during hop selection back in the Fall. Everyone was super gung-ho about its aromatic qualities. Very floral, very fruity, but not citrusy .. think apple, pear, spice, strong & pungent. The dry-hopping should add a lot of hop character to the beer (sorry, no bitterness), & the fact that it’s unfiltered & on cask should “soften” it a bit.

Here in the PNW, where we’re so lucky to have so much access to so much great beer from near & far, our palates are pretty evolved. This is an opportunity to try a rare version of the beer got many of us into Craft Beer. We’ve never released anything like this before, & it’s on cask to boot, so I feel like we’re lucky to get to try it.


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