Dick’s Brewing Company Announces the Release of Dick’s Dedication Series

March 30th, 2011 · 1 Comment · Beer Releases

Centralia, WA: The Dick’s Brew Crew is proud to release four new beers in honor of the late Dick Young, Founder and Brewmaster of Dick’s Brewing Co. These were four of the last beers that Dick Young had a hand in creating before his untimely death in 2009.

The Dedication Series includes; Imperial IPA, Imperial Red Ale, Scottish Style Ale and what we call Double Danger, an Imperial Dark Ale. The Dedication Series will be available in 22oz bottles and also on draft starting April 1st, 2011. With each beer coming in at over 8% abv, and each with its own unique twist, we feel Dick would be proud.

We were thrilled to have Lisa Morrison, published beer writer/communicator/evangelist to write a few words about each beer. And this is what she had to say,

Imperial IPA – tired of Imperial IPAs that leave behind a lip-smacking sweetness? This Imperial IPA strikes back with a huge dose of all Columbus hops that lends it a spicy, slightly citrusy zing. It’s a force to be reckoned with!

Imperial Red – Not your everyday amber-colored ale, it might be hard to wrap your head around Imperial Red. Maybe it’s the rush of caramel and brown sugar that flood your senses; or the Vanguard hops with herbal, earthy notes and a touch of lively citrus to keep it all in balance.

Scottish Style Ale – A straight –ahead malt-bomb of a beer with a smooth finish. Made with just enough smoked malts to give it a hint of smokiness, our Scottish Ale pours a pretty copper-brown but is tough enough to stand up to anything – kit optional!

Double Danger – Dick Danger Ale was founder, Dick Young’s favorite beer, and Double Danger offers a second helping of everything Dick loved. Dark and foreboding in the glass, It’s sweet up front but with a sneaky bitter-hop finish, making this Danger Ale doubly delicious.

Dick started brewing as a home brewer 1984. Around the same time, he sold brewing supplies from N.W. Sausage and Deli and made beer in the back when not busy. After about 8 years, Dick had to decide whether to quit or make it legal! So then began the 2 year application permit process and Dick started brewing for real in 1994. Cheers to Dick!


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    any anticipation of which distributors/establishments will be stocking this product?

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