Fruit Beers Needed for NWBN Tasting Panel – Suggestions?

March 29th, 2011 · 7 Comments · General Beer News

If you aren’t aware, in addition to Seattle Beer News I write for the Northwest Brewing News and run the tasting panel for most issues. For our next June/July issue, we will┬ábe evaluating fruit beers. I’m wondering if you readers have some favorite fruit beers that you would like to see included? Anything brewed or aged with fruit qualifies, including sours. We try to focus on beers from breweries in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, British Columbia, and Northern California. I have my own ideas, but I like to hear from others what they might want to see included.

Also, if any breweries are reading and would like to learn more about the panel or submit beers for evaluation, please email me.

You can find our most recent tasting panel covering bocks in the April/May issue that is just now being distributed around the NW.


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  • Michael Dieterle

    If it’s not already on your list I suggest:

    Hair of the Dog – Cherry Adam from the wood. I beleive the latest batch had a release party in Portland last month.

    It’s an amazing beer.

  • K Dizzle

    Cascade Apricot Ale

  • DonS

    Cherry Adam from the Wood is pretty great stuff, but can be a little hard to get. Still worthy of taste testing. What do you have lined up, Geoff? You can start with Pyramid’s Apricot (if you must), but then you have the wonderful fruit range from Cascade, Elysian’s Yuzu (is that even bottled?), Trade Route’s Mango Weizen, Russian River’s Consecration… unfortunately, one local brewer’s barrel-aged fruit beer project won’t be ready for prime-time for a while. What else? Oh yeah, there are often fruit-infused beers on at Elk Head down in Buckley, but you gotta go clear down there to score a growler.

  • Erika

    Eeel River Acai Berry?

  • Ahsan

    Cherry Adam from the wood and Cascade Apricot are the first 2 locals to come to mind. Cascade has at least a few offerings to consider, their kriek is great too. Double Mountain makes a fine kriek as well (if I recall, they made 2 varieties from different types of cherry). If you consider pumpkin as a fruit, obviously Elysian has a few, their stout was my favorite bottled pumpkin beer. The recent Brouwers anniversary beer from Bruery, the raspberry double witbier, was great. Oregon’s Block 15 Brewery made Figgy Pudding last winter, and it was the hit of the Portland Holiday Ale Fest. Good luck getting your hands on any, though.

  • Bob

    Most of the Cascade Brewing sours, (The Vine, Sang Noir, Sang Rouge, etc.) and New Glarus Wisconsin Belgian Red.

  • Rich

    On the lighter end to start with:
    Ice Harbor “Tangerine ExBEERience ” is a nice light wheat beer (Hefewiezen). I’ve seen it at 99 Bottles.
    Trade Route makes a Mango Weizen.

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