Interested in Writing for Seattle Beer News?

March 30th, 2011 · 4 Comments · General Beer News

****Just a few hours after putting this post up, I have quite a bit of interest already. If you have emailed me already, I’ll get back to you shortly. If you are just seeing this post, I think I have about all the interest that I can handle for now. ****

Have you ever thought about starting your own beer blog, but it just seems like more trouble than you are willing to go to? Or, maybe you are interested in talking about events, interviewing people in the industry, or documenting your beer adventures? There is a lot going on in the industry these days, and I can only cover so much myself. I started out writing for another website to begin with, and it was a great experience for me that has led to some wonderful opportunities. I’d love to have a passionate writer(s) contribute here at Seattle Beer News.

I’m open to ideas you might have about content, but anything to do with the world of beer would have potential. If you have some specific ideas, or you are just interested in being a general contributor, please send me an email. This is open to members of the industry that might want their voice heard as well.


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  • Deverie Hart

    I’d love to contribute! Having recently moved back to WA after living in DC (where I wrote for, I’ve been working for Full Throttle Bottles and trying to soak up as much knowledge on the Seattle/PNW beer scene as possible. Would love to hear your thoughts on this and talk about possibly writing for you, too. Cheers!

  • Kaiser

    Hey Deverie – I’ll shoot you an email to discuss!

  • Philippe

    Just keep that chris devlin guy off the blog, I know George Smith agrees.

  • Kaiser

    Don’t worry, Philippe. Devlin is entirely too lazy to contribute:-)

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