Poll: What Do You Think About Discovery Channel’s Brew Masters Being Canceled?

March 31st, 2011 · 9 Comments · Polls

As reported yesterday on Beernews.org, among other places, the Discovery Channel has chosen not to renew Brew Masters for a second season. This craft beer-focused show, fronted by Dogfish Head’s Sam Calagione, has had five episodes air already, and one more may be set to air as part of this first season. But, it sounds like season two will never happen. While Discovery Channel claims poor audience volumes for the cancellation, celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain claims that “big beer” threatened to pull adds from Discovery Channel if the show was not canceled. What do you think of the whole situation?

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  • MyLittleHadji

    Big Beer and their distributor buddies are like monopolistic Nazis. They killed this great show (al beit it should have had had more than one brewer) and they killed the privatization of alcohol sales in Washington state. They coughed up over 9 mil to beat down Costco who wants to sell hard liquor there. Shame Shame – I never buy beer from Big Beer and NEVER will.

  • Jim B

    If what AB (Bourdain, not big beer) says is true, we have every right to be infuriated. I’m used to being able to ignore the influence of big beer, but here they’re prohibiting me from seeing a TV show. I know for a fact there is plenty of footage shot to create several more episodes.. Hopefully they will find some way to get it out there.

  • Drew

    We will never know if Big Beer had influence in having the show stopped. I would not doubt it.

    I enjoyed Brew Masters but was a little disappointed in the premise. Why did it have to be like every other reality show in that “we have just 6 weeks to make this beer from conception to pour for XYZ event. Will we make it?”

    I would have preferred a show that featured different brewers and their process for creating great beer. But who wants to watch that? I guess TV nets think we need the drama.

    “Great beer will set you free!”


  • Bruce

    If Big Beer was behind the cancellation, then they did us all a favor. It got pretty tiring/boring watching Sam fellate himself and his ego for an hour every week. This show would be far more interesting if the profiled various small brewers around the country every week. Sadly Sam may have been the only brewer who thinks he is interesting enough for an entire series.

  • Dean Ruffner

    Regarding Bruce’s humorous post, I saw a show a couple years ago called ” Three Sheets” maybe?

    It was on a network that escapes me now, but the upshot was this guy who travelled around to breweries, maybe distilleries as well, met and drank with the owners/brewmasters, and in the process got loaded and had some laughs for the TV audience.

    Style-wise, it was along the lines of “Rick Steves goes to a brewery” and hilarity ensues. It wasn’t very dramatic, but it was funny, informative and it whet the appetite to travel to some of these places.

  • Yuppers

    Disappointed in the premise, and underwhelmed by Sam Calagione’s P.T. Barnum-ish hoo-hah. Never cared for the show. Should have been different breweries and brewers from around the world, etc.

    BUT if it was pulled because of the heavyweights, and the ratings were in fact acceptable for the timeslot, that’s abysmal.

    Anyway, this isn’t even news — how about AB’s purchase of Goose Island? THAT’S news because it actually has an impact on craft beer. I’m not sure how the continued airing of the program-long advertisement for Dogfish Head makes a real, substantive difference for the brewing industry.

  • Jason Weiss

    It’s tough to forsee the future of a show based on only five episodes, but I assume as the show continued it would have evolved into including more breweries be it domestic or foreign. I would think that the few episodes we saw were based on the original pitch of the show. Naturally it was heavily Dogfishcentric. Seems to me that as the show progressed this would have become less so.

  • Yip Cabbage

    Agree with those who saw right through the show. Beer was just an allegory for Sam C. to show people how cool he thinks he is.

  • whitney

    I agree, I loved watching the process of making beer and all the little bits and pieces that go into it; I did NOT enjoy watching Sam in his tight shirts and vintage truck yapping about himself and obviously loving the limelight (Although I did cheer when he was wearing a Rainier shirt!)

    Come on Discovery Channel; you can do better than that! I dare you; maybe someone touring a bunch of microbreweries! That would be really interesting 🙂

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