Poll: Which Seattle Neighborhood Most Needs a New Beer Bar or Brewery?

March 8th, 2011 · 26 Comments · Polls

As I pointed out in my recent list of Top 10 Seattle Beer Spots, there are many great places to drink good beer in Seattle. I could have easily extended that list to the Top 20 and beyond. But, some neighborhoods are still lacking, in my opinion. What do you think? Which Seattle neighborhood most needs an additional beer bar or brewery?

You can choose up to five neighborhoods in the poll below. Please choose “Other” if you do not see a neighborhood listed. Also, feel free to leave comments on why you chose the neighborhood(s) you did.

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  • Dylan

    Why is the International District not on this list?

  • Matt T

    With the move of Amazon down here in SLU and the UW expanding we need a good new beer bar. A brewery with a large space would be ideal since the Amazonians tend to travel in groups of 4 or more and always move single file to hide their numbers.

  • ?_?

    Ugh, can we get a Queen Anne Listing on there? There are people up on that hill…

  • Gary B.

    Lower Queen Anne also known as Uptown.

    There is a building at the corner of Thomas St and Queen Anne Ave N that was being turned into a brewery many years ago. The tanks were in etc but for some reason they never opened. Now it’s a meeting place for the Elks Seattle Lodge No. 92 and is used for receptions. I think the tanks and whatever brewery equipment may still be in there. Good location. You should check it out.

  • Shannon

    Magnolia, PLEASE… fortheloveofgod.

  • Kaiser

    Dylan – because I forget to include it, even though I live very near there and would love to see something added there. I’ve added it as a selection.

    Matt: SLU is getting Tom Douglas’ new Brave Horse Tavern at the end of the month. 26 taps of beer, and beer fanatic Warren Peterson will be helping to make the selections. I’m very excited for this place.

    ?_?: Both Lower and Upper Queen Anne are listed separately. A dinner outing to Lower Queen Anne last night is what inspired this post for me. That area badly needs something, in my opinion.

  • Garrett

    Wallingford is in desperate need of a place to get a good beer and a good burger!

  • Dean Ruffner

    Geoff – The Java window pops up and says “only one selection allowed”

    I seconded the Man and said LQA.

    I’d love to have a beer bar in my own hood (Belltown) but it would most likely be over-run by douchebags, so that wouldn’t work.

    Eastlake is desperate for anything, although not that many people really live in that neighborhood, so a beer bar there might tank.

    SLU seeme to have things in hand beer-wise with the Tom Douglas-ing of Amazonia.

  • Tyler

    The East Side loves beer too. We are luck to have the Black Raven, but we could really use a good Ale House as in Kirkland!

  • Kaiser

    Fixed so that you can now select 5 choices (for now, anyways). It keeps resetting to just 1 choice…not sure why.

  • BeerBlotter

    so what if the Belltown one would be overrun with “douche bags” – would they not have money? Could the neighborhood use one? Do a lot of people hang out there from time to time begging and pleading that they could drink a good beer – absolutely.

    Listen, you can say the same thing about Cap Hill or even Ballard Ave anymore. In my opinion, the Belltown bar scene has been dramatically crippled in the past 2 years. I would love to see someone do something there. You can access the traveler group, downtown event goers and a vast residential neighborhood clamoring for a good place to drink.

    Top of my list.

  • elvis

    how is ballard getting votes? are folks blind?

    living on the edge of the CD, I’d love to see something come in the CD/Mad Valley area. Sure, I am 4 blocks from Madrona Ale House, but sometimes I want to escape from the kids/fam. Maybe a little bottleshop+drafts ala Belmont Station in portland.

  • Rebecca

    RAVENNA. I even have the idea for you.

    The old Fire Station 38 is to be sold. It is an adorable 1930s building on NE 55th Street, right next to Calvary Cemetery.

    PERFECT spot to craft a little local neighborhood brew pub.

    I want to decorate the walls on the inside with old historical photos of the big sinkhole that opened up on Ravenna Blvd in 1957, and call the place…The Ravenna Hole.

    I can has startup monies?

  • Carrie

    I’d love it if Magnolia had one. I know it won’t happen, but Magnolia needs some serious love. It’s not *that* far from QA and Ballard.

  • berls

    Mt Baker –

    we’ve got nothing. Unlike Queen Anne peeps or most other neighborhoods where there are still locales but maybe not in a good enough building or close enough spot.

  • Erik

    Lower Queen Anne has plenty of bars with a decent beer selection – Floyd’s Place, Jabu’s Pub, McMenamins, Ozzie’s, Streamline Tavern, Buckley’s… (???) In fact, it’s one of the best places in town for a pub crawl.

    Beacon Hill has nothing now that Beacon Pub is gone. Same with Lake City, but fortunately Elliott Bay is opening a new brewpub there later this year.

    That Ballard is #5 is completely ridiculous. I love Ballard, but it’s mostly because there are so many options!

  • litlnemo

    Beacon Hill has nothing at the moment. I can’t believe people were voting for Ballard or LQA. Come on down to Beacon Hill for a little perspective, folks.

  • slyderc

    Beacon Hill is in sad shape ever since Beacon Pub left. We have Java Love and The Station with its new license, but beer bar or brewery? We’ve got nada.

  • elvis

    no sheet. agree on beacon.

    i’d love a beer bar in Mt. Baker or the Valley. perfect for stopping in after a round of golf at jefferson.

  • chris

    Beacon Hill for sure. An ethnic restaurant (Mexican, Filipino, etc) that serves mostly bottled beer from its respective home country certainly doesn’t qualify as a beer bar and that’s all we’ve got. There are even a couple vacant spaces large enough to house a brewing operation and a pub. I wish!

  • beerdoc

    Once you get east of Big Time on the Ave, it is sparse. We need something in the Laurelhurst/Viewridge/Sandpoint area.

  • liz

    Search Queen Anne in yelp under the nightlife category and you get 47 results, Wallingford 20, Ballard 61, Magnolia 5 (but 2 are pubs), Beacon Hill 2 and I don’t believe either of the 2 have beer on tap!

    Beacon Hill needs some beer love!

  • J-Lon

    @beerdoc: What about the RAM in U-Village? Not my favorite place, but relatively close to Sand Point, etc.

  • tom alphin

    I know it wasn’t the intent of this article, but if you look at the Eastside (which has beer enthusiasts and strong economics), Kirkland is the most lacking place in the Seattle metro area for good beer.

    Redmond, WA has the excellent Malt & Vine and Black Raven Brewing company which recently expanded their beautiful Taproom (which happens to be hidden in an inductrial park.)

    Bellevue has both the Taphouse and Rock Bottom, as well as many other bars which have decent, if overpriced beer.

    Even Issaquah has the comfortable Issaquah Brewhouse.

    I would take almost everything, but particularly want to see something similar to The Dray, with simple tasty food items and a modest but excellent rotating tap list. It could do well in the Kirkland downtown, or even in the Juanita area or one of the smaller commercial locations on Market Street. I would frequent any establishment with good beer in Kirkland, especially if I could walk there 🙂

  • Tinkerbell

    Renton!!! Brewery with good food open for all kinds of hours.

  • mountain fresh

    Shoreline We in Shoreline have a huge city without a good ale house/brewery its a daily drive to Naked City in Greenwood best bar north of the canal.

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