Bambino’s – Good Beers and Pizza in Belltown

April 8th, 2011 · 10 Comments · General Beer News

I wanted to take a moment to welcome Bambino’s as a new Seattle Beer News sponsor. If you’ve never heard of Bambino’s, it’s a pizzeria located in Belltown that has in the past year put a focus on pouring outstanding craft beers. I have a friend who lives right around the corner from the pizzeria, and we’ve ordered pizza from there several times and really enjoyed it. But, it wasn’t until just a couple of months ago that he realized that it had turned into a worthy beer spot as well.

I asked Chef/Partner Belle Coelho a few questions to get readers better acquainted with Bambino’s:
1) How long has Bambino’s been open, and have you always had your focus on craft beer, or is this something relatively new?
The pizzeria itself has been open for 5 years, but it has been under this ownership for 1 year. The previous owner focus was take-out and delivery so there wasn’t even a liquor license. Since we took over we have slowly turned it more towards a dine-in pizzeria with exceptional beer. It has been a slow process because some beers are only brewed once a year, others are rare so it actually takes a bit of time to get a constant supply of it.

2) What do you currently have on tap, and what other types of beers do you typically rotate in?
We have currently on tap: Russian River Pliny the Elder, Ommegang Gnomegang, Hopworks Secession, Stone/Green Flash/Pizza Port Highway 78, Stone Cali-Belge, Liefmans Cuvee Brut. We have had Damnation, Pliny the Younger, Consecration, Supplication, all Stone Brews available in WA. We basically have had taps at one point from Allagash, Port, Lost Abbey, Victory, Boulevard, Avery, HUB, Pike, and I am sure I am missing some. We will have some up and coming Italian brews to add a little variety. (Note from SBN: someone also told me that they were one of the lucky few to pour a keg of RR Pliny the Younger…).

3) How would you describe the pizza?
I call it New York Neapolitan. The crust and sauce is traditional Neapolitan, but the ingredients are a lot more creative.

If you’re looking for good beers in Belltown, Bambino’s is a great place to start.


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  • David

    Only thing about the place is that they won’t serve you a pint without ordering food… never heard of that liquor license, but it’s a place for food that serves beer, don’t expect to just get the beer….

  • Kaiser

    David – I think it may just be that to get their $2 pint happy hour price you have to order food?

  • Kurt

    No Washington beer on their menu? That’s dissapointing to see.

  • justinf

    Yes, the $2 happy hour price does require food. I will happily eat some delicious pizza if you serve me Pliny (and all the other great beers they have) for $2.

    I highly recommend Bambino’s!

  • josh

    Great Pizza and great beer now too! I’ve been going to Bambino’s for a couple years, never had a bad experience.

  • Phil

    When IS the discussed Happy Hour?

  • +Russ

    They’ve got such a great deal for beers during happy hour (late-night happy hour too). I had some $2 Supplications last month…..

  • Kaiser

    David/others – clarification that you absolutely can buy beer there without buying food. It is for the happy hour prices that someone in your party must buy food. Details on happy hour:

    “The Happy Hour is everyday from 4-6PM and 9-11PM. All draft beer is $2 with purchase of food. (Not everyone in the party needs to buy food as long as someone orders something)”

  • Elle

    I ordered delivery from Bambino’s tonight, sadly, it was DISGUSTING. I’ve lived in the great PNW for a while, traveled Italy, lived in NYC and other cities and this was hands down, the WORST pizza I’ve ever had. I could only stomach a few bites of the pizza.

    I called the pizzeria to let them know 1) they made the pizza with the wrong toppings and 2) it was soggy and the toppings didn’t taste fresh. All in all, the pizza was BAD…really bad 🙁

    This was all pointless, they didn’t care. Instead of apologizing or trying to remedy the situation by making a “good pizza” (w/the actual toppings I ordered”, the owner (who was beyond rude) said she didn’t care b/c she personally helped make the pizza and knew it was good. Sigh. She seemed really attached to this pizza and I’m still not certain why b/c it was SO BAD 😐 Anyway, this place is not worth the $$ … just wanted to share a heads up on the bad service and pizza.

    Signed, “Recipient of the Party Foul Pizza from Bambinos”

  • Kaiser

    Sorry to hear that, Elle. I’ve personally had nothing but good experiences with delievery and dining in.

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