Boat Drinks – Crossing Puget Sound in Search of Beer

June 14th, 2011 · 2 Comments · Chris Clemetson, Events

From SBN contributor Chris Clemetson.

Summer is a truly great time to be in Seattle.  The mountains, the sun and the water are on display in all of their majesty.  A great way to really experience the season is to take a boat ride on Puget Sound, which is even better when there is great beer waiting at the destination.  If you don’t have a boat, you’re in luck because the Washington State Department of Transportation has a couple you can hop on to from downtown Seattle.  It’s definitely worth the fee and they do all the driving.  This is a great way to grab a beer or even check out a festival.

Following are just a couple destinations reachable via boat from Seattle, without bringing a car along.

Bainbridge Island:
For about $7 dollars you can walk on to the Bainbridge Island ferry from the Coleman Docks in downtown Seattle.  From there, it is just a quick 30 minute ride with a fantastic view of the Seattle skyline the entire way.  The ferry docks in the small island town of Winslow, where there are many shops and restaurants to see within walking distance from the dock. Take your time to explore, but your final destination should be the Harbour Public House (231 Parfitt Way S.W. • Bainbridge Island, WA 98110).  They do a good job of serving local and often organic casual pub fare and they have a great selection of local craft beers.  You can grab a table or belly up to the bar but on a nice day the deck with its wonderful views and fire pit is the best place to be.

Bremerton Summer Beer Festival:

The Washington Beer Commission is sponsoring a new beer tasting event this year: The Bremerton Summer Beer Festival on Saturday, July 23rd.  You can walk on the Bremerton ferry, and after a beautiful hour long ride it drops you off walking distance from the Bremerton city center on Pacific Avenue, between Burwell and 6th Street, where the event is being held.  24 Washington craft brewers are expected to be sampling around 50 different beers with the focus on summer styles.

If anyone else has favorite beer destinations reachable via boat (once again, w/out a car) from Seattle, we’d love to hear about them.



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  • Laurie in Vantucky

    Mr. Clemetson, your informative posts are such a delight. They inspire me to extend my regular Seattle jaunts to explore the hidden fertile pastures of hops + barley I clearly overlooked in my UW days. Thank you for so eloquently showcasing potential agendae! I encourage you and the readership to visit your little cousin city in Vantucky where you can also cruise a myriad of waterways including the stunning Columbia River into P-town or even venture for a day trip to the stunning Oregon coast. Feast on a guaranteed cornucopia of pallate-smacking innovative libations in countless eclectic locations with just enough sun to boost your Vita D for the whole week in town or at the surf. Organic + craft brews abound, as well as (do I dare say) vinos of national acclaim. And all on a bike or the hoof to boot! Take the train! Take the Subie! Your travel cash will stretch like Silly Putty here! Our Southern hospitality awaits you and your tax dollars are hard at work for years to come on that new x-state bridge anyway, so why wait? Come on down and let us by you a drink, cuz Seattle. Slainte’!

  • clemetson

    Well said, the Rose City and outlying areas are a true gem of the PNW. I remember well my first pint of McMenamins or sipping a MacTarnahan’s at the beach on a college summer cheap vacation weekend, it was a great introduction to the craft beer world and the city itself.

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