Are You Ready for Some Football?

August 22nd, 2011 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

With the miserable seasons my Cubs and Mariners have been enduring, baseball is essentially dead to me at this point (my fantasy team sucks, too). With NFL and NCAA football just around the corner, I can finally divert my attention towards another season of watching games on Saturdays and Sundays. I watch a lot of games at home these days, but when I do head out to watch you can usually find me somewhere with at least a few good beers. Some of my favorite places with a combination of good beer and sports follow, but I’d love to hear about your favorite places to watch as well.

Note that this is not meant to be a list of “the best” places to watch games in Seattle, just a list of where I sometimes do.

Buckley’s in Belltown – A convenient location, lots of TVs, the NFL and NCAA TV packages, and a typically solid lineup of beers makes this one of my favorite places in town to catch a game. Especially if the game you are looking for is not on local television, Buckley’s is a great spot. The food won’t win any awards, but it works.

Uber Tavern – Uber definitely isn’t a sports bar, but with three TVs in such a small spot it really is a fine place to watch a game. Being one of the best beer bars in town makes this our go-to place if our interest in drinking outweighs our interest in the game. No sports packages available, so you’re stuck with whatever is on local cable TV.

Elysian Fields – This is our typical pre-Seahawks meetup spot. Lots of TVs above the bar, good beer, and solid food. One big issue is that they don’t have the NFL package. Being a popular pre-game destination across from the stadium, I really don’t understand how they don’t have the package (unless I’m wrong and they do these days?).

Beveridge Place Pub – I love BPP for having their two rooms with completely different atmospheres. The game room has several televisions that will be sure to have the Seahawks showing, as long as the Sounders aren’t playing. If you aren’t familiar with BPP, I named it as my favorite beer spot in Seattle earlier this year.

Belltown Pub – Go Boilers. This is where the Purdue Alumni Club watches games on Saturdays. I’ve actually never joined them for a game, but plan to this season. Last time I was in here, they had a few solid beers (Laurelwood Workhorse comes to mind).

Iron Bull – You used to be able to find me here every Sunday watching the Bears when it was known as Goldie’s on 45th, as this is (or used to be?) the unofficial gathering spot for Bears fans living in Seattle. I grew to hate Goldie’s and stopped going (several reasons; but I actually did call the health dept on them once for their disgusting bathroom), but we stopped in here a month ago and the place is much improved in the television department. Decent lineup of beers and you shouldn’t have a problem finding something you’ll enjoy. If you are a Bears fan and like watching with a crowd, this is your place.


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  • kevin davey

    Seahawk’s games are awesome at Leny’s Lounge in tangletown. The have a solid craft beer section and you can order a “Leny’s Large” which is a liter for pretty cheap. I loved it when they had Wildcat IPA. Greasy food and pool tables!

  • Kevin B

    See you at Belltown Pub in the fall. Boiler Up!

  • chris

    The Dray for the Sounders when they are away or the Everton match….. wait, did you mean American Football?

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