American Beer Blogger TV Series With Lew Bryson

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Philadelphia’s Lew Bryson is one of the country’s better-known beer writers and is a true advocate for craft beer. He is part of a project trying to raise funding to produce a television series called American Beer Blogger that will focus on all things good about the beer world, with Lew as the host. The show will be produced by Rudy Vegliante of Green Leaf Productions. They are looking to raise $60,000 by January 14. They are using to manage the fundraising, and there are various levels of contributions. I for one think it would be a pretty interesting show, more along the lines of what many wished the Sam Calagione Brew Masters show would have been: a show focused on all aspects of craft beer and the community, not just focused on a single brewery. The project is based in Philly and I’m assuming would end up having a decidedly East Coast focus. But, that’s no reason not to support it. It would be good for some of us West Coasters to open our eyes to the great things happening in craft beer scenes across the country.

You can read more about American Beer Blogger below. If you’d like to support the project, head to their Kickstarter page.

You should also make sure to check out the 2 1/2 minute pilot preview, which was filmed at Stoudts Brewing Company. I’m attempting to embed the video here, but WordPress seems to be having issues with this one (or, I’m just an idiot). You can find the video at the website here.

AMERICAN BEER BLOGGER is a half hour television series dedicated to all facets of the ever growing craft beer market. From home brewing, to micro beer; viewers will experience the very best of the craft beer culture. In each episode, Lew will visit a different brewer, each of which has their own sets of quirks and ways of doing things. Lew will talk to these brewers, get to know them, will show us first hand the various methods and techniques used in creating a craft beer. From the tiniest bottler to the largest manufacturer, Lew will get his hands dirty. Topics such as bottling, food pairing, manufacturing, distribution, history, technique (and so much more) will all be touched upon as Lew spends a day with these brewers. Some doing well in the business, others not so well. Thankfully, the DIY nature of this business can lead to some pretty results as Lew lends a hand and helps out in any way he can. Lew will show us all the kinds of micro-breweries currently out there. From the smallest, hippest label to large manufacturers.

AMERICAN BEER BLOGGER sets out to entertain the viewer as well as educate on this rapidly growing industry. Through humor and a charming, hands-on host, our show will not only be entertaining for the microbeer enthusiast, but also enjoyable for the average viewer as well.

Top Gear with beer… Top Beer if you will.


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