Owners of Brouwer’s Cafe to Open The Publican in Tangletown Next Month

November 2nd, 2011 · 34 Comments · Bar Reviews

The masterminds behind Brouwer’s Cafe in Fremont and Bottleworks in Wallingford are working on opening up another bar called The Publican in Seattle’s Tangletown neighborhood. The building at 55th and Kirkwood, formerly occupied by Luau Polynesian Lounge, Pour House, and most recently Bandolero, will be the location for the new venture.

According to Matt Bonney of Brouwer’s, “At The Publican, you can expect the same consideration and quality for beer and all distillates as you do at Brouwer’s. The beer selection won’t have as much of a Belgian flavor as Brouwer’s, but we’ll have a strong focus on American micros.”

They’ll have 22 taps of beer, a well-chosen selection of bottles, a great selection of bourbon and tequila, and cocktails. They’ll also hold occasional beer events there and are working on some ideas for festivals that would work well with the smaller amount of taps. Bonney stressed that the quality of beer at The Publican will be exceptional. “We are getting a direct draw system like we have at Brouwer’s and Bottleworks, so you can depend on the same clean beer at The Publican. We’ll take the Pepsi Challenge with anybody.”

The Publican will open up at 10am daily, serve breakfast all day long, and also have lunch and dinner menus.

They are expecting to open The Publican by mid to late December.

On a personal note, I am extremely excited. I used to live around the corner at 54th and Meridian, and Tangletown is a wonderful neighborhood. With Elysian Tangletown just down the street and the Latona Pub just a few blocks away, this stretch could turn into one of the best short bar crawls in town. Right next door is one of my favorite restaurants in Seattle, Eva, and I could foresee quite a few trips to the neighborhood in my future.

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  • Aaron


    Just PLEASE tell me that they’ll follow Bandolero’s lead and allow kids in the back room…

  • ed

    can’t wait. no kids allowed though.

  • elvis

    sweet, i hope the space is less dungeon like brouwers and more pub. when i enter brouwers i feel like i’m entering the executioners pit.

  • Erik

    “sweet, i hope the space is less dungeon like brouwers and more pub. when i enter brouwers i feel like i’m entering the executioners pit.”

    The bouncers sometimes make it feel that way too.

  • Mark

    i hear no kids.

  • Caps!!!

    When I have a beer and want to relax the last thing I want to hear is kids, keep them out!

  • Jesse

    “The bouncers sometimes make it feel that way too.”

    Nice one Erik. 😉

    I’m happy about the American focus, Belgian draft beer doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, or the Belgians (for example, only two Trappist beers even kegged). Bottle conditioning is just so key in what makes a Belgian a Belgian.

  • Ellie

    I hope like Brouwers there will be a few Vegan options available on the menu? Because that would be super awesome…

  • Aaron

    Bummer about no kids, but I understand. Just means my circle of 10 local parents (all in walking distance) just went from customers multiple times per week to about twice a year. We fully understand the choices we’ve made. 🙂

  • Aaron

    Also, I assume no relation to the Publican in Chicago?

  • Kaiser

    Aaron – no relation, unfortunately. The Publican in Chicago is an amazing place.

  • Sir Drinksalot


  • GreenLakeDave

    No Kids! The Jolly Roger Taproom is now ruined for lunch with kid melt-downs and cheerios all over the floor. I also hope Brouwer’s leaves the snotty server attitude in Fremont.

  • Sammy Samson

    Yes kids!
    Phinney Pub is a fine example of a kid friendly pub.

  • Bob Shoemaker

    No kids please. Dogs yes!!! Well, at least MY dog. He’s the best.

  • ed

    the place will not have kids. sorry to all that want them, but it’s just not going to happen.

  • Beer Monger

    I’ll deinftely be there when they open and YAY to the no kids policy! There are far too many bars around here already that allow kids until 8:00PM.

    I don’t believe a bar/tavern is the proper environment for children.

  • Andrea

    Very unfortunate about the no kids rule. We enjoyed bringing our mellow toddler to happy hour at Bandolero and won’t be able to frequent The Publican as often as we’d like. Looking forward to having them in the neighborhood, though!

  • John Watt

    If you want to bring your rug-rats with you and have a beer as well, than Mike Hale’s brewpub on Leary is the place to go. The restaurant side is open to kids, and there are (at least on Friday nights) a lot of them there, generally well behaved. But it’s a lot larger than the former Bandelero space, and kids wouldn’t work well there.

    It’s too bad Bandelero failed — it was a friendly place with rather good food and a good Happy Hour. Nice that someone has taken it over, though.


  • MTC

    I agree with the bummer about no kids. Latona is no kids, Lenny’s is no kids. Murphy’s on 45th is no kids. Tangle town is not a favorite for us. So in a neighborhood full of families there are not a lot of choices. I think it’s a miss, especially given they will offer breakfast.

  • cider?

    If you have kids go across the street to The Elysian.

    My question is, will there be cider(s) on tap? Great bars have at least one on tap and why not? It’s local after all!

  • DAVE

    Very good news. I really hope they consider allowing kids or I’ll be a very rare visitor at best. It’s buried in a neighborhood with families and kids. Why needlessly limit your customer base. May be allow kids until 9pm as a reasonable compromise.

  • MX R

    Cheers on the no kids policy! It makes for a very pleasant experience to those customers who want to relax & enjoy their beer without having to deal with kids running around as if the pub is a playground.

  • CDR

    Tangletown families need a walkable alternative to the Elysian. Please consider keeping part of the pub family-friendly. Our kids never bothered the tequila drinkers on the other side of Banalero.

  • Doom Hand

    Hopefully the bartenders won’t be such douche bags like Brouwers. It’s just beer man.

  • VanDeCamp

    Kids Suck.

  • flyer50

    Cheers to no kids! I’ve raised one and there are plenty of places around town to take kids, including Green Lake. If you want to go out for a pint or two at The Publican, hire a sitter for a couple of hours.

    Agree with the others, snotty attitude and sterile atmosphere keep me away from Brouwers. Make this one a cozy, friendly pub.

  • Marlana

    What kind of parent wants to take their child to a bar? Idiots. I can’t believe you would even want to do that. Because when I’m in an ADULT establishment, the last thing I want to do is turn around and see your kid. Drink at home or get a sitter.

  • gfe

    any idea if theyll have gluten free beer as they sell at bottleworks? preferably greens from belguim.

  • Michele

    How about a local, full strength, small batch kombucha on tap?

  • Marti

    Love Brouwer’s Cafe. I’ve never had any problems with the bartenders or waitstaff over the last few years. Can’t wait to see The Publican.

  • barb smith

    Bet all you anti-kids folks were glad your own parents didn’t loathe children so much. Heck, if anyone deserves a drink its a parent.

  • DAVE

    Well said Barb. Walk a day in my shoes….

  • DonS

    Oh joy. A blog post about a new pub descends into the tediousness of Breeder Bingo. I am neither glad nor unhappy that my own parents didn’t loathe children – oh, wait. My dad actually wasn’t that nuts about children, and didn’t really start relating well to them until his own were grown. As far as my own parents’ choice to actually procreate, I had no part in that decision. Had they not done so, I wouldn’t have known the difference, ’cause I wouldn’t be here. And so, another Breeder Bingo tautology (“you’re here because you’re here!”) is dismissed.

    As for the Publican, bully for them for being forthright and honest. There are places to take the family. This ain’t one of them. Sorry breeders, but you aren’t entitled to take your offspring just anywhere and everywhere just because you want to. Cope. And hire a babysitter for a well-deserved “date night” instead, m’kay?

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