Uber Tavern Plans New Year’s Weekend and an Upcoming Renovation in January

December 27th, 2011 · 1 Comment · Events

Some big news from Uber yesterday that they’ll be closing down on January 22 for renovations and will be planning to open back up on Friday, February 10. They’ll be trying to kill all the kegs in the house with some great specials on 1/21. If you’re still deciding what to do for NYE, there are also some details below on what is going on at Uber, including a special beer from Hopworks in PDX.

UBER is closing!
This time for real…for about 3 weeks anyway.
…BUT SAVE THIS DATE: SAT 1/21/12 @ 12pm

1) Last day / night of “Original Über”.
– We are remodeling, slated to reopen Fri 2/10/12. More on that below.
2) Last day for Niko! Booooooo!
– Our good friend & long time bartender is moving to Portland!
3) It is going to be a damn near free-for all.
– Don’t miss it.


1) KILL EVERY KEG IN THE BAR (read on–we’ll make it easy)
2) Come say good-bye to Niko. It won’t be the same without him.

After 5+ years, our bar is ready for a facelift and we’re going
kinda big…for our little place, hence the 3 week closure.
Über has 17 taps. Every one will be replaced with a new keg
when we reopen. So let’s kill all the old ones on our last night.

– EVERY SINGLE DRAFT BEER will be $2.50 off
– That means a lot of $2 pints and such
– Every 2 hours they go up .50
– By 10pm they will be back to regular price, BUT…
– all growler fills will be half-price from 10 til close!

It wouldn’t be our style not to roll out some completely
off-the-hook keg for such an occasion. We asked our friends at
Cascade Brewery in Portland to come up with a VERY SPECIAL keg
for Niko’s last hurrah (and ours). Details of the beer will come
later, but yes it will also be featured at the same crazy
discounts as all the other beers.

It goes without saying there will probably never be a day/night
like this at our place again, and many of us will be saying
good-bye to a great friend.

Do it! You won’t regret it. Well you might. But you won’t remember it.

See you under the old bar for the last time,

Your friends at Über Tavern

Details on NYE weekend plans:

Are you a “professional”?
Many people think of New Year’s Eve as a night for rookies.
We at Über Tavern hear you and feel a small portion of your pain.

So for the 6th year running, we offer you the following remedy:
1 part rare kick-ass beer
1 part give-the-house-away deals
1 part 75th & Aurora vibe


SAT 12/31/2011, all day & night:
– 2010 Hopworks Whiskey Barrel Noggin Floggin Barleywine on tap
– we believe this to be the only keg left in existence

THE DEAL #1: $3 pints
– Black Raven Trickster IPA
– Walking Man IPA

THE DEAL #2: $6 liters
– Spaten Premium Lager
– Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse

SUN 1/1/2012 – repeat all specials, but ADD:
2008 North Coast Old Stock Ale on tap
– 4 lousy bucks for a nearly 4 year old vintage goblet of goodness

See you under the bar. No really, it’s likely. Happy New Year.

Your friends at Über Tavern


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  • David

    Aw man. I would have to be out of town on the 31st. That Hopworks Whiskey barrel Noggin Floggin sounds yummy

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