Four Seattle Bars Make Draft Magazine’s List of America’s 100 Best Beer Bars

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When it comes to beer bars, Seattle beer drinkers are pretty spoiled. We have several world-class establishments that regularly make “best of” lists, and there are plenty others that could make an argument as well. Draft Magazine just released their 2012 list of America’s 100 Best Beer Bars, and four Seattle bars made the cut. Congrats to Beveridge Place Pub, Hopvine Pub, Naked City Brewery & Taphouse and The Stumbling Monk.

Do I think that several worthy spots from Seattle got left off the list? Absolutely. But, these are all worthy spots that I’m happy get the recognition. That is the nature of these lists.

If you are interested in what I think, here is my list of Seattle Beer News Top 10 Beer Spots from early 2011. I might revise that a little bit in the upcoming months though…



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  • elvis

    i read that and was a bit stunned at a particular omission, but frankly, other than the variety of taps, i find that omission to be right on. the atmosphere and service are generally way below a place like Beveridge PLace or Naked City.

    Hopvine is particularly curious to me. Was there a month or so ago and boy I found it lacking both in atmosphere and selection. Places like Noble Fir are head and shoulders above it.

  • yaler

    Noble Fir, Uber, even Hudson’s and Collin’s are better beer bars than HopVine. Latona’s even better.

  • Alan Moen

    Not to have Brouwer’s Cafe on the list — Northwest Brewing News’ Best Alehouse/Pub in Seattle for 2011 — is totally absurd. Even though all those mentioned are deserving, I’d say Draft Magazine hasn’t much of a clue about Seattle, one of the best beer cities in America.

  • Erik

    Elvis –
    I concur. I don’t think I’ve ever been treated worse at any bar than I was a t Brouwer’s. Thank gawd there’s Naked City.

    Given a choice I also would have listed Latona over Hopvine. (What’s ironic here is Hopvine’s FOOD receives praise in the write-up.)

  • HighTest

    “I don’t think I’ve ever been treated worse at any bar than I was at Brouwer’s…” I couldn’t agree with you more! I’ll go back in a few years, once their rudeness fades enough. Naked City is the only one of the four winners that I’ve been to, and they’re fine. No big complaints.

  • mr. howard

    keep in mind that often the places that make it onto the list are – SURPRISE – the core advertisers in the magazine. while i don’t know whether these places were advertising customers, i can’t tell you how many times i’ve seen lame, incomplete coverage of the industry in stories that only mention all the places with sidebar ads. pay to play baby!

  • mondeck

    I would say a good stab at the scene in portland and seattle. The issue of leaving brouwers off the list. Sure ! the last time I was there they had the full selection of Alaska beer on tap (6) not exact interesting bee…. And the staff is always rude. Brouwers could learn a few tips from horse brass, apex or green dragon about service.

  • Alan Moen

    “Best” shouldn’t be determined by service, just as the best beers aren’t necessarily made by people you want to drink them with. I’ve been to plenty of places that were polar opposites in terms of a great beer selection with indifferent or terrible service (the Toronado comes to mind.) Yet they will still make list after list like this because the beer there is so good.

  • P

    Perhaps we could be happy that other beer havens in our fair city are getting the national spotlight, if only for a hot minute?

    Best of lists are very pleasing to those who know better and you all clearly do. So just settle down and be happy/proud.

  • Kaiser

    Cheers to that, P.

  • elvis

    wait, service shouldn’t go into the ranking of a “best of” list? so the people can crap on you as a patron but yet you, as a writer, would recommend that people go there?

    that’s plain dumb. the beer list is not the holy grail.

  • BuzzBe

    For having four bars from Seattle listed, I do find the inclusion of Hopvine to be curious. OK place, but better beer bars have been left out.

    Brouwer’s should be called Bro-wer’s. Fun fests though.

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