Full Throttle Bottles Celebrates Fourth Anniversary Tonight With A Tasting of Quads

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Congrats to Full Throttle Bottles on four years of helping Seattle beer drinkers explore the ever-expanding selection of craft beer! Join them tonight from 5pm to 7pm to taste a selection of quads, along with cake.

It seems somewhat appropriate that we’re celebrating our Fourth birthday on Leap Year Day! Because you know, this only comes once every four years! So in honor of OUR fourth anniversary, we will celebrate with Quads. And CAKE!! Bring your trivia knowledge about the number four and your livers..because we’ll do some fun giveaways if you get trivia correctly, plus quads (as you can see below) are VERY high octane!  I might even crack open a couple special items just because we’re four! And because I wanna.  Our special guest will be the lovely Annie, our very newest member who will be helping with cake! So come down and help us celebrate on this so very rare date!

Trappistes Rochefort 10You might know it by the blue cap, and we know it as the seriously bewitching Trappist Ale. This dark, reddish-brown colored beer has a very compact head and an aroma of figs, and feels like honey in the mouth. The alcohol profile is a major component in the flavour of this rich ale. It is very similar to Rochefort 6 and 8, but has much more of everything. As with all other Trappist breweries, the beer is only sold in order to financially support the monastery and some other charitable causes. The monks will not increase production based on demand or profit motives, but only enough to support themselves, resulting in a fairly limited supply of beer. In practice, there is currently no shortage through regular channels.11.3% ABV

Laurelwood Cardinal Sin Quad: This beer is influenced by the monastic brewers of Belgium and France, where the making of powerful yet elegant brews have a history that goes back almost two centuries. Laurelwood very carefully crafted this blend of continental malts, spice and earthy hops, and an Abbey-style yeast to create a balanced beer with creamy malt textures, a big deep fruit aroma and flavor. They then added barrel aged amber ale that has been sitting on fresh cherries for several years. This yields tartness and complexity that well aged beer can add. The final result is a sweet, tart, dark fruity beer that is worthy of some deep meditation for ages to come. Beer this good *must* be a sin! 10% ABV

La Trappe Quad: A unique Trappist beer that is even put to rest sorted by year in the cellars of the abbey for further fermentation. The Quad is the strongest beer of La Trappe’s selections, with a beautiful amber colour, and a warm taste that is full and well-balanced. Also, a little bit sweet and pleasantly bitter. La Trappe Quadruple is also fermented in oak barrels, and since 2008 it has also been aged in oak barrels which gives the oak-aged Trappist beer an even fuller taste with a special wooded scent, comparable to wood-aged red wine. 10% ABV

Ovila Abbey Quad: A true cold weather treat! This full and sultry ale is sure to warm the soul with its rich mahogany color, velvety malt aroma, spiked with hints of dried cherry, fig, raisin and plum notes. A full and creamy body offers layers of flavor including a perfume-like wave of intense dark fruits and caramel-like maltiness. Rich and warming, this complex ale should be shared among friends.  10.4% ABV

We will be tasting these on Wednesday, February 29th, 2012 from 5-7pm. Only $3 or bring your own non-disposable glass to be GREEN and save $1!

For THIS TASTING ONLY (from 5-7pm) we will NOT be able to redeem any Living Social vouchers, please redeem them at any other time the shop is open.


Erika & Crew

PS-Washington Brewer’s Cask Fest Tickets are now available HERE! Cash or check (credit cards have a $1 service fee).

PPS-The Georgetown Music Store was robbed of $40,000 worth of equipment in January. If you missed the fundraiser and still want to help, please donate your spare change in the jar at the register to help them out!

And here’s the requisite fine print for the tastings: Due to licensing laws in the state of Washington, we are limited to serving no more than 2oz per varietal/flavor and no more than a grand total of 8oz. You must be over the age of 21 to imbibe. (And I don’t mean dog years…)


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