Poll: What Types of Beer Would You Like to See More of in Seattle?

March 26th, 2012 · 31 Comments · Polls

I recently had a conversation with someone looking to open up a brewery in Seattle who asked me what I think the Seattle beer scene could use more of. I know my answer, but what do you all think?

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  • jkdrummer

    More British style bitters, REAL ales pumped from the cask. Sick and tired of the black IPAs and other cross breeding varieties.

  • Kaiser

    Now you can vote for up to 3; had it set to only 1 at first…apologies.

  • Hombrewer Eric

    More hoppy beers? Ugh, the market is already so oversaturated with ipas, double ipas, imperial ipas.

  • Pete

    Ha! I voted for the top 3. Does that make me one of the cool kids, or horribly predictable?

  • beerveer

    More toast, More rye, more toasty rye. A WA produced Gose would be good too!

  • JR

    jkdrummer — Have you been to Foggy Noggin’ Brewing in Bothell? They make absolutely fantastic English ales…they just released an Olde style ale as their anniversary ale if you can find it you should try it. As far as hand pumped cask ales go, I agree, we need more for sure!


  • Thirsty Seattle

    I really like what Sound is doing, but would also like a brewery focused on Belgians right here in Seattle. Also, anything in the mold of a HOTD, Cascade, Upright, Russian River would be nice. Looking for extreme and crazy flavors, I guess.

  • Scott

    More Saisons. When I say Saison, I do not mean the banal, vaguely spicy and slightly sweet cynical concoctions that get thrown into the market every summer. I want real Saison: crisp, complex, estery, eathy, peppery and food-friendly. Bonus if they have a touch of Brett.

  • Robert in Renton

    Like a German Beer Meister recently said. Its easy to cover up a crappy Beer with lots of Hops!!

    Im SICK if IPAs, give me some selection… Lagers, Drafts, Porter, Stouts, etc….


  • 12th ave brewing co

    Wheat beers. Regular wheats. Wheat IPAs. Fruit wheats. So hard to find good commercial ones that I have to brew my own.

  • M from Seat

    Best Bitter – e.g. “Sam Smith’s Best Bitter”, used to get at the Earl of Lonsdale in Notting Hill.

    Only thing I’m seen that was close was a one-time brew by someone in Vancouver.

  • Rick Robbins

    What happened to traditional English “Mild”? There’s lots of beer/ale experimentation, but everyone is copying everyone else. The old English pub was mild, bitter and a best bitter. That was it. We could use a little homage to traditional ale.

  • troy in kirkland

    MORE HOPS DOES NOT EQUAL A BETTER BEER!! The hop thing is getting old, let’s move on. One pint of beer should not give you cotton mouth.

  • Lido+Lyric

    There is SO much hoppy beer out there, it makes my head hurt. Why not have beer with more layers of flavor, but be more judicious with the hops, so as not to sear people’s palates for the next several hours? It’s just not necessary to fling all that bitter harshness in everyone’s faces.

  • Lido+Lyric

    p.s. Scuttlebutt’s Belgian Tripel 7 is most excellent…

  • tom

    More brown ales, please! (Especially the not-too-sweet ones.) I love me some stout and porter, but sometimes you want the roast without the weight.

    Oddly, the comparably beer-deprived east coast better respects this style.

  • NickBob

    OK, so hoppy brews are enjoying a burst of popularity, but I’ve yet to visit an establishment that had nothing but IPAs on tap, much less anyplace that flung any variety of brew into my face. Are there such places? Be specific, I want to be there. You don’t care for one, fine, don’t order any. For some of us, this is the golden age of consumption.

  • teacakea

    Scotch Ales!! Black Raven in Redmond makes an amazing version but I’d love other options for comparison.

  • Bill

    Burton-on-Trent style beers in the mold of Bass Ale — ESBs, beers using classic British hops like Kent Goldings and Fuggles in the boil as well as the finish. This IPA craze is way overdone, and in any case not a bit faithful to the original British IPAs which, by the time they arrived by sail in India, had lost most of their soapy, acrid edge.

  • Riles

    More places with Hoegaarden and other belgians or belgian-style on tap would be fantastic! Agree with the comments about the flood of IPAs and really hoppy beers… While I do love a good IPA, it is nice to have variety 🙂

  • Jon

    More kolsch style ales please! 😀

  • Craig

    If you don’t like IPAs, don’t drink IPAs. Why bash something you do not like when you can just not drink them? Are you being forced to drink IPAs?

  • Brad

    Free Yakima! More hops!

  • Dean Ruffner

    More bourbon-barrel Imperial Stouts weighing in at least a 10% abv.

  • Marti Gwaltney

    Fruit beers! Washington state grows hops – and fruits. Start combining them.

  • mo

    Dark Milds — how did these ever fall into disfavor??? Best beer in the world.

  • Other Brian

    All I am saying is that if breweries are going to make more Session beers, I don’t want to be paying full price!
    But please bring on the sour, especially sour in barrels!!!

  • Ryan

    Browns! Nutty and roasty and not too sweet!

  • Ryan

    Also, for those looking for a Belgium focused place give the Urban Public House in Ballard a go.

  • Roger's Goldings

    Yes, more authentic Brit cask ales.

    I would like to see more (German) beers from Alpine Brewing in E Washington.

  • John

    Czech style pilsners would be great to see more of. I know that they are harder to make correctly, but I would pay a little more for a good, fresh, crisp pilsner.

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