“Brewing in Seattle” to Illustrate City’s Rich Beer History

May 23rd, 2012 · 1 Comment · General Beer News

The first book dedicated to Seattle’s rich beer history is set to be released later this year in October through Arcadia Publishing as part of their “Images of America” series. Author Kurt Stream has put together “Brewing in Seattle“, which includes over two hundred photos with history and stories being told in the captions of those photos. The book will cover just about every Seattle brewery from 1864 through the present day craft beer revolution. The book also includes insights from important people of Seattle’s brewing past, like Paul Shipman, co-founder of Redhook and Terry Hecker (the man partially responsible for the iconic Rainier ads of the 70’s and 80’s). He even got 91 year old Mickey Rooney to talk about his recollections of filming his Rainier advertizements in the 70’s.

Stream spent over a year collecting photos for the book, and he has hundreds that didn’t make it into the book due to space limitations. He created a Facebook page and photo blog where he’ll be posting a new historical Seattle beer photo each day, as well as updates on the book itself. There are already some really cool images he has posted, so check it out.

The book is slated for release on October 29, and it will also be available for pre-order on Amazon.com in the next month or so. Stream expects to hold a release party closer to the release date, possibly at Pike Brewing.


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  • Verne Johnson

    Would like to invite you to speak at a Rat City Brewers meeting. We meet every 3rd Thur of the month at Big Al’s in White Center. Several members have mentioned they would like to purchase Brewing in Seattle.
    Hope we can get you out to a future meeting.

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